Good Monday morning!


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Good morning to all Cruise @ddicts around the world.

Night are slowly getting colder here. When I went to work after 5 this morning, outside temperature was just at 41 F. We should first expect partly sunny skies, in the afternoon hours it should be cloudy. Temperature today should be somewhere around 55 F.

Everybody have a great day.


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Good morning Christoffer and all Cruise @ddicts!

The sun is shining right now, but it's expected to be mostly cloudy during the day.
The temperature will be in the high 50's to low 60's.

I wish you all a nice start of the new week!



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Good morning all,

It's cloudy, but the sun wants to break through, you can see that. Temp is 67 and less humidity than yesterday. Trees are changing, you can just see a small difference. Goodbye summer...:sunflower:

George C

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Good morning everyone, if anybody wants summer come visit Texas, today is 7th day in 90's and forecast shows 90's for the rest of the week, just 9 weeks before next cruise and less than 6 months before another one, so another pool day here