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Good Monday morning!


The Euro Connection Special Contributor
Good morning to all Cruise @ddicts around the world.
Yesterday was so nice and beautiful. Monday will be cloudy and rainy, temperature can hit 53 F today.
Everybody have a great day.


Sweden Unleased - Special Contributor
Good morning Christoffer and all Cruise @ddicts!

It’s a cloudy morning but is expected to be sunny in the afternoon.
The temperature will be in the high 50’s to low 60’s.

I wish you all a nice start of the new week!



Well-Known Member
Good morning all,

Guess the Gods heard me. It rained all night, quite heavily at times. Good. It's still dark out so can't tell what today brings. But I know the garden is happy!

George C

Well-Known Member
Good morning everyone, cool morning in 50,s, will be 75 later and sunny, less than 40 days to next cruise and less than 6 months till another