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Good Morning Afters



Beautiful very warm day here today in CO with a cool down and rain tomorrow. I have to admit since Cutie left I haven't lifted a finger around here except to load the dishwasher and do laundry. So guess what payback time..... :grin

Everyone have a great day. Check in as you are able!


Girl you should be in bed,now crawl back under the covers and get well,those dishes or whatever will wait and I bet Mike can clean those toilets,lol! You get well!


Checking in Judy...heading out of here soon, lots to do today.

Don't work too hard, try to get some rest out of your weekend!


Korina aheeeeeem Mike is a wonderful man and I wouldn't trade him in for another.....but he is going to be 60, a bachelor all his life and he doesn't do well in the housekeeping end. He helps with a few things but there are things that just have to be done the proper way! =lolgang


My hubby is retired and he will clean the bathroom that he uses and will do the dishes about half of the time. I guess I am doing pretty good. At least our kids are grown and we only have ourselves to clean up after, unless the grandkids are here!

The weather here in Atlanta is pretty good, not too hot. The TD must have changed course or something because we didn't get much rain from it.

Everyone have a great day.



John will wash the floors,clean the bathrooms,do the laundry,cook,anything,he didnt join the army till he was 30 and he has a new appreciation of all we women do,so if he sees the floors are getting yucky or something,he pitches in and just does it,along with steam cleaning the carpets which I NEVER have to do,I am so lucky!


good morning all
dh does not do anything he keeps saying he could if he had to but that is it. hE is retired also and he did not do anything when he was working either.
Well the sun is coming out now it rained all night and that is how I like it to rain and I know we need it. Well around midnight the power went out again and when back on around 5am. If it is going to go out during the night is ok with me also.
Nothing exciteing happening around here today just another day.


Dh is my second husband so he does it all. :couple

Warm sunny day here but nice cool breeze here at the ocean. Went down to the beach and sat on a rock watching the waves for alittle while. Now I am taking it quietly and trying to stop my heart from pounding after the exertion.

Judy - Hope you are feeling better! Clean the bare minimum and get back to resting.




Still raining here in San Jose, CA. Love this autumn weather. Laundry churning (love that phrase, tks Maw) heading to the group home to work on paperwork for a few hours this afternoon before I put in an 8PM - midnight shift at the drug store. Glad I got to sleep in this morning!!!! I hate those wrong number calls at 8 AM on a Sat morning. LOL

Hucc, hope your foot surgery went well today my friend. No jogging or floor mopping for you for a while sir. :wave

Hugs to everyone, Mari