Good Morning Afters....



Woke up to high winds which have settled down......thankfully.

Also a tad emotional today it will be a hero's funeral attended by about 800 and I'm serving on the grounds. I will let you know my feelings after this service. I'm sure I'll be in tears....the motorcade itself should take about 45 minutes to wind its way onto the grounds... High security so more later.......

Everyone have a great day.

Donna - dsw

Good Morning Afters -

Something new for me posting here. Been real busy as usual - but got a break this week as everyone is at a show in Orlando.

Hope you all have a great day!

Gayle V

Good Morning Judy, Donna, and fellow Afters.

I know today is Tuesday, but for me the weekend only just ended. We had either friends or family over every day since Friday, and I had to work Sunday night too. So I'm exhausted ! It's tiring but I loved every minute. Especially as I got to spend some time with the grand babies. That's what life is all about.

I still have dishes piled high on the sink, but other than that, and a little laundry, I can take it easy today.

I hope you all have a great day.


Good morning, Judy and friends...

Sounds like a real busy day for you today Judy. Military funerals are so much more emotional, I do know.

Had my weekly doctor visit yesterday....more fun, but I'm learning to deal with it.

We are in for a nice sunny day today, and back up in the 80's this weekend. Maybe one more ride on the boat for DH & DS?

Have a good Tuesday, all!


Good Morning Everybody!:wave

I haven't had my caffeine yet so am still blurry eyed and my tail definitely is not bushy.=sleep I was rudely awakened by a wet basset nose belonging to a hungry hound. Elsie, that's her name because she has the markings of a moo cow, decided that mommy needed to get up at 5am and bring on the food. Her golden brother, Jake, also decided that it was time to eat. He does this early morning thing where he lays at the foot of our bed on my side and slowly inches his way up to nuzzle me on my pillow. I'll open one eye and he'll look at me and move. Then, he'll stop moving when I close my eyes again. They have me wrapped around their paws, that's for sure.

That's about it for me so far. Oh, I just realized that I put on my nightgown backwards and inside out. Off to a fabulous start, I must say.

Have a great day!:)


Alaska love the story about your basset,our basset Fred is 11 and getting real old,he doesnt wake now till about 9 and getting real finiky about dog food,I have to switch to something different almost every meal to get him to eat,the vet thinks he is too old for a cleaning for his teeth to put him under,and I just started giving him bone meds,his back legs are giving out on him,its funny you liken your dog to a cow,when Fred lays down my hubby says he looks just like one,does yours love her belly rubbed too! Gotta love those bassets!


Hi Korina.

Oh yes, Elsie will jump up on me for attention and if I don't give her any, she starts wagging her tail really fast and whines. She wants her belly rubbed. When my mom use to live with us, she would sit on the couch with Elsie and rub her tummy for hours it seemed. I think granma really spoiled her granddog. Elsie will flop right on over to her side anywhere and at any time in order to get that tummy rub.

Elsie is nine years old and I've noticed that she doesn't like her normal dry food anymore. She also seems to be eating her meals at a much slower pace than her usual 'shark feeding frenzy' speed. I bought some gravy for dogs at WalMart and she loves that when added to her dry food. (She's on special food from the vet as well as meds due to her hip problems). Now, if I put her dry food in her bowl, she'll go over to the frig to 'request' her gravy. She's so spoiled. DH will actually give up the lazy boy chair for his little 'daughter.' Bassets are the best and I think that we'll always have a basset in our family. We just love and adore them. Well, her brother is spoiled as well.

The hardest part of going on a cruise (the only hard part) is having to leave them behind. We have to leave them in a kennel and always tear up when we're driving away. DH and I always joke that there should be a cruise where dogs and all pets can come aboard. Then, again, we are always saying that when we retire we'll have an RV full of bassets to travel with.


Ahoy Afters. Just a quick pop in to say :wave Hi as I have a busy morning and another meeting in 5 minutes. Ya'll have a good day and let's keep those countdown clocks clicking....tick toc tick toc


Good morning, hope everyone has a great day. I get to go and have my yearly mamogram tomorrow, fun fun but not getting it can be dangerous.


Good morning gang. It is a wet one here and dark. I wonder how Maw is feeling this morning? Hope she had a good sleep with all her bruises!
Judy - I will be thinking of you today with your service. And wish you well.
We are still both coughing but not as bad as we have been. It has been a long time since either of us have had a cold as bad as this. And that lasted as long as this one seems to be doing.
Have a good day.



Hello all back for second time on computer this morning. Paw may tie me in chair next time. Tood scooter thru house seems I broke a few things, folding door in front of washer, pulled a fan off a table. At least found away to get up those dangerous two steps Resting up and getting ready for our Tea party Thursday with granddau and great granddau. Gotta walk a little to get to car. Paw is getting to try his Gorilla cruise.. Hope BJ makes it thru this rough day.