Good Morning Afters



Well I woke up thinking it was Wednesday and it is only Tuesday. LOL

Goes to show you at this time of year we are all so busy and have our minds on getting where we need to be.

This morning I am leaving early to stop at Walley World to pick up one thing that went on sale for Kalen and they sold out of where Audra lives. I called last night and they have it and have to work late tonight so I'll leave 30 minutes early ang get it picked up. Given the savings of 20.00 over what they are asking for it online I'll make the trip and be done with it. And it is small enough to put in my suitcase. Then, the kids are done except for a couple little tings when I arrive in Boston on the 20th. Finally! Shopping for 4 kids and trying to make it all even out is exhausting! LOL And expensive too!

I got all my shipping done yesterday. That was fun trying to juggle 3 boxes by myself into the post office so that I didn't have to stand in line twice.

I haven't even thought about cards yet. Eggggggads that is another thing maybe I can tackle this weekend. I hope I can anyway.

I finally decided on a mother's ring for Audra. I know she will love it. That was ordered and should arrive here in time for me to hand carry to Boston. I still have to get her a few more things. And for sure I am buying the kids new telephones. She is having trouble with her cordless phones and every night as we speak we get cut off at least once! LOL

We had very high winds last night. And they are expected to be high again today. The chinocks brought in warm temperatures, we are expected to be in the 60's today.

So that is about it Afters. What's happening in your corner of the world?

Make it a good day even though it is a work day everyone!

Donna - dsw

Good Monring Judy and afters to follow.

Cold and windy here in Northern Ohio. Supposed to get a couple inches of snow also. Hey it is November and winter time! lol

Judy - I hear ya about buying for 4 grandkids and shipping all the presents. Actually this year I gave Jim a trip to Florida to visit the kids - so he is taking the stuff to them. We bought them clothes as they need them badly. Mom and dad can get the toys!

Nathan called last night and he was so funny. He wanted us to get on a plane and come visit. He kept saying the plane only takes two (2) hours to get there and I can miss work if I tell them I am going to see him! Wish it was that easy. Oh to have the miinds of a child!

He will be surprised next week when Papa Jim shows up on 12/11. They better take plenty of photos for me! lol

We put up our new Fiber Optic tree last night and we really like it. I took some photos - so will try and post them later. I still have a hard time with that. Maybe we can have an album in the PHoto Gallery for everyone to post their christmas decorations - - we used to do that.

Everyone have a great day and be careful!


Donna I hear you. That Nathan is a little spit fire!

Each time I go to Boston we take the kids to the Disney Store. And the last time Kaan decided to do a power shop. OMG I was exhausted and when I got to the checkout I had about ten things that he had added to the bag that I didn't know about! :lol And then he ran out of the store and into build a bear. Yikes!

Yesterday he got it into his head that he wanted to go to the Disney Store. He kept saying Grammin, Mom's truck, Disney Store. I guess he figures that Grammin needs to be there now for that trip to the Disney store! Gotta wait a few weeks little gremlin. :loveya

So I guess when I arrive a little visit to the Disney store is in order. I dread the thought 5 days before Christmas. But for Kaan, I'll suck it up and do anything!


Ahoy there Afters. Not a lot new going on in my neck of the woods. Cold and a change of snow but it is DECEMBER Donna :lol

Gotta love them Grandbabies...they know how to work all the angles, LOL. Nathanael smoozed me out of a number of Christmas decorations the last time he was at the house. Actually I was GLAD to send him home with the talking drives me CRAZY.

Hope everyone effected by these big storms stay safe, and warm. You all have a great day.


Not much new here,John decided to get rid of a lot of his movie stuff yesterday,he had lots of reels,and 16 mm movies,and lazer disks and machines ect.,took them to a store called Consider It Sold on Ebay,they list for you,ship ect.,no work for you involved. We also after the new year have decided to make our formal dining room into a guest bedroom,as much as I hate getting rid of my antique dining set,we have plenty of kitchen area dining and we never use the room except for holidays,and this way guests or kids can stay the night or longer with out getting a hotel,for 2 people we need to downsize some of the things we have,lol!

Everyone have a great day!

Cruise cutie

:wave Good Morning gang.. and I am truly anticipating the days of being a Mimi but whoa I think I need to start taking megavitamins first!!..:grin..

Y'all wore me out just reading!!'ll be worth it all though when it does happen..

the snow ended, now just basic cleanup, and that chore falls to my loving DH Mark.. he does it all..I help when I can.but me being opposite of him for 2 days kind of throws that out of the loop...but I am 3-11PM again today..finagled for tomorrow off..we shall see..

got home pushing 1AM last night,, it was a pretty busy night.. the residents are gearing up in Holiday excitement too..

I just have surfaced and am sipping my first cuppa.. yesterday my was BIG owie city.:(..I have NEVER "hurt" my back in 30 years of nursing, and I sure don't want it to start yesterday I mollycoddled it, and really was extra-extra careful, and today it seems a lot happier.. I have no idea what triggered it to be that unhappy but I know from seeing thousands of co-worker nurses that have nasty backs to have the brains to not trigger that brouhaha mess.. =eek.. if I had a list of things to never have happen in my life..that's a BIGGIE!!Mark *throws* his out every 10 years or so.. he's FLAT for at least a week..:worried.. not my idea of a fun time..I pass....

I am doing a whole lot of putzing around today.. no zooming. and I'll see you as it works, later gang..:daisy..Joanne