Good morning, can't believe Christmas is at our store already



Where the heck did summer disappear to so darn fast? I woke up very cold last night and wondered where I had put my extra throw blanket. I returned to work after a few days off and was surprised to find Christmas lights for sale already. GEEZ The days are just flying by lately and soon the holiday fun will begin. I'm not ready for this!!!

Hope you all have an Indian summer and get to enjoy a few more days of fun in the sun.

Hugs, Mariposa


Good morning Mari and friends...

Oh no...I'm not ready for Christmas lights yet!!

We are having a perfect weather week here in Mich. We have our days in the 80's and nights in the 60's, with low humidity. Can't complain a bit!

Okay, so I've made the apple pies, and the applesauce, now I still have tons of apples to get through today. I'm open for suggestions/recipes too??

Hey your post about the deer and the turkeys. Sure wish you'd share a few of those with us again. I always loved your photos with the gorgeous backgroud of you backyard, especially with all that snow!! Some day I'm going to get up there to see the New England area...

Hope everyone has a good day!

Gayle V

Good Morning Mari and fellow Afters,

Snow ? I don't even want to think about it. I love this fall weather. Why can't fall last as long as summer and winter do. It barely makes an appearance before it's over.

Lots of errands to run today so I'll be out enjoying the air today at least. I hope everyone has a great day.


Good morning gang. I am enjoying the fall weather too though more summer like temps will be back by the weekend. Ditto fall being too short! It drive me crazy that Christmas stuff was in our local WalMart even before school started!


Oh I hated this time of year when I managed the card and gift store. It was earlier every year, and the stuff they would send me and expect me to cram into the store. We are rushing all of the time now. I do understand in a craft store though that people would begin their Holiday crafting now for all the bazaars.


Just a quick note before I head of to work today (Yeah, I got a day shift this time). I'm sitting here wondering how Elliott is faring. FYI, before someone can receive a new round of chemo they head straight to the lab and their white blood count is checked. Because the chemo will knock out their immune system so badly the oncology team must be sure that specific white cell counts are high enough to sufficiently fight off any possible infection. Only after they get the OK do they begin their treatment. Otherwise they are sent home to wait till the counts go up.(the worst part is that stress lowers those counts, this sucks) So hopefully by now Elliott is receiving his chemo treatment today. Remember, this one will last about a week. I will be anxious to check out his caringbridge site when I get home tonight to see if all went well today.

Hugs, Mari


Mari, I heard that we can expect a really hot Indian Summer, so October should be very warm! It will be weird to go xmas shopping in the heat! But I like to be totally done by Turkey Day, so a shopping I will go!


I hate that when they start bringing out Christmas stuff so soon. Don't even like it when they start after Halloween. Somehow Thanksgiving gets pushed into a corner.