Good morning on the Aft Deck



Good morning everyone, and off to a new week....

Around here, it is the beginning of fall, and vegetable stands are busy. Lots of vegetables and fruit from the orchards.

There are so many apples...and we get lots of visitors to our little town on the weekend that come out to pick-their-own.

I usually buy the seconds, just a little smaller, and freeze for pies, etc.

I love fall, and the weather now, but I'm not looking forward to that white stuff that comes next. But we are thinking of spending a month in Florida during the winter. That might work....:)

Have a good day....


Zzzzzzzz i wanna go back to roost. I stayed up to late reading my Iditarod book. its fall like this morning 66 outside feels great. *swigs my coffee down before work. I love fresh veggies. hope the pies are good when ya fix em Reggae,


Good morning and I wish I was on the aft deck of Glory favorite spot.

It's fall here too and apple time...might have to take a drive up to Graves Mountain Lodge one weekend soon!


Good morning, @ddicts. It's 85 here...'nuf said. :( No changing leaves, no thought of white stuff....

Gayle V

Well I'm awfully late to the party, so it's good evening Afters.

I worked the night shift last night, and got out late. So slept the day away. It looks like I missed a beautiful one. I hope all had a nice day.


:daisy Downunder in Australia, we are coming into Summer. Not a hope of
snow where I live. Temperatures will go high. We had 102-103* degrees last
summer with humidity.

I would love to have a white holiday season. Guess I will have to come to
Northern Hemisphere for that.

Love apple pies! Love vegetables! Love Snow!

Have a great day :girly


good morning :wave

just lots of medical appointments this week, dentist, toes. oh the joy of it all B)

it's cooled down here, yep, it's Fall. No more nights with the windows open as we sleep.

I love the Fall.

This winter for Christmas, we're going to try to visit the inlaws in Georgia for a week.

Jill B


Good morning from here; it is Tuesday 10am, and I am lurking while working :lol
Supposed to be warm today, around 27 C (81 F) after our brief return to winter.

Sailing_gal, our summer will be hot too, but we don't usually have much humidity.


Good morning reggae and all. (it's almost 10PM duh! ). Couldn't help but notice the "fall" comments and had to put 2 cents in the kittie. It was 50 degrees this morning and so much dew it looked like it has rained.

Hucc, next month, maybe early November, it will be "winterizing" time again. For those in the South and Jill, that means putting away all the garden hoses, storing the BBQ grill, storing the deck and lawn furniture, and getting out & servicing the snow blowers. We don't have a pool so we don't have to worry with that but our friends do. For those of you who believe the Farmer's Almanac, New England is suppose to be in for a very cold winter and lots of snow.


No no no no no no no no I am not ready for fall. We had a short spring with the late frost, and a hot hot summer, I am not ready for anything resembling winter to come!! I spend hours sitting on my porch enjoying the wildlife, I am not ready to give that up.



This is actually our best time to sit out on the deck with the dog and watch the wildlife (no mosquitos). Today, we had a wild turkey and a couple of deer around 6:00PM. we still have a full group of birds. The hummingbird is still here so winter's not coming too, too soon.


NO Fall I won't allow it. Nope I want flowers, no snow, late sunshine and warm temps. I'm not letting it happen this year I refuse. But, the gosh darn skun keeps telling me......and I keep going out there and fixing his behind telling him right back no Fall go away! :lol

Right now we can still open our windows at night, it makes for really nice sleeping weather. The mornings can be a tiny bit cool though. Most of our summer we have good sleeping weather at night it doesn't stay warm like back east.


Bibb, I have missed seeing your photos! Please post some when you can.

BJ, I had a fall in my yard tonight, nothing serious, just sore. Be careful, don't take your turn!!


Connie just cut it out how many times do I have to tell you OMG stop it no more turns for either one of us. You need to sit still. Where is that bubble I swear girl! I hope you aren't too sore you have enough going on.