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Good Morning

Discussion in 'Know Before You Go' started by Darlene, May 3, 2001.

  1. Darlene

    Darlene Guest

    Good morning all. It's still early here in NE Ohio(5am). It is supposed to be sunny and pretty warm today, highs around 82 degrees. Let me be the first to wish everyone a great day!
  2. Divetex

    Divetex Guest

    Mornin', y'all. Looks like another warm one here today, up into the mid-80s already. 8 days and counting 'til the MOS. Almost time to get wet and blow bubbles with the sharks! :0)
  3. cruiseloco

    cruiseloco Guest

    Mornin' everyone!!!! It is bright and hot at Central Mass. I love this weather, but we need rain. We are having some brush fire problem. I am going to enjoy it while I can...before it gets back to cool again. TTFN...ta ta for now!!!
  4. TAO

    TAO Guest

    Good Morning from Massachusetts
    It is going to be another warm one here today, 90's again and hot tomorrow and then back to more seasonal' 60-70's. I can't believe it was just a few short weeks ago we were whining about snow. That ol' song what a difference a day makes sure holds true.
    Don't forget to check the Panama Canal Cam this afternoon to watch the Spirit go thru.
    For those cruising next week. Get those suitcases going -- its almost the weekend and time to go!!!! Have a great trip.
    Have a great day everyone.
  5. Jim

    Jim Guest

    good morning from Maine sunny & warm 50 But still have little snow in yard. soon to be melted
  6. Cruisinpat

    Cruisinpat Guest

    Good morning cruisers. Another great day here in Maryland. Just 25 more days 'til the Grand!
    Everyone have a wonderful day!
  7. o2cruise

    o2cruise Guest

    Good Morning all...yup another warm one here this morning in Penna too. Love this weather!! Seems we go from snow to well just summer....but it is beautiful with everything in bloom now....everyone have a great day!
  8. Lisa

    Lisa Guest

    Good morning! Cloudy and a little cooler in SE Wisconsin - the rain is about to move in - hope I can get to work before it starts!!
  9. watergirl

    watergirl Guest

    Good morning from the Bootheel of Missouri. Another great day here for us ...
    high mid 80's.

    Hope everyone has a great day!
  10. PattyK

    PattyK Guest

    Good morning y'all. Looks like another pretty day in Charlotte. Just got my son off to school, so now I can relax and read the paper, etc. Maybe I'll go back to bed and dream I am on a cruise!

  11. KarenO

    KarenO Guest

    Good Morning all! It looks like it's going to be "Cooler By the Lake" here on the north shore of Lake Superior today (40's). Guess I can take it for the next couple of days. And then we're gone.
  12. MamaTene

    MamaTene Guest

    Good morning and up and at em my fellow addicts from another beautiful spring morning in Ohio
  13. Beckiep

    Beckiep Guest

    Another hot one in central CT. This is way too early. Things should go back to normal over the weekend, but we, too, need rain bad. BIG fire danger. No drought, but eveything is dry. We're suppose to shatter another record today. On Tues., the record was 83 set in the 1930's. We went to 88. On Wed. and today, the record was set in 1913. Wed. was 88, it's now 92. Today's is 85 and we're predicted to get to 92 again. They're even saying tomorrow in the 90's which will break that record also.

    Packed last night for the Cape. Not even three days and it took us 90 mins! I can only imagine what the Tahiti trip will be. Better start now. :) Only 107 days left.
  14. nieciez

    nieciez Guest

    Expecting records to be broke today here in the DC area also....summer sure came on fast like winter did last fall.

    Today is my "Friday" so wishing all who are cruisin this weekend a Bon Voyage, and for those who are landlocked, have a great weekend.

    DeniseZ B)
  15. sgrane

    sgrane Guest

    Good morning to all from sunny Florida. It's about 77 degrees, partly cloudy with a 40% chance of showers today.

    Have a great day everyone!
  16. andrea

    andrea Guest

    Good morning from another beautiful day in the Bluegrass state. Unfortunately it's supposed to be hot and dry again. We need rain! They say we're headed for another drought.

    Have a super day, all!

  17. John

    John Guest

    Good Morning from Sunny Bradenton, FL
  18. Lyn

    Lyn Guest

    Good morning from southern Ontario. Another hot one here too. Have a great day everyone.
  19. ChrisC

    ChrisC Guest

    Good morning kids, another beautiful day in the neighborhood. Have a great day gang.
  20. Donna

    Donna Guest

    Good Morning Everyone!

    Busy at work today! Sure wish I could at least see the outside. ha ha

    Hope everyone has a good day! Nieciez, have a good trip and be careful.

    Enjoy All!

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