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Good Morning

Discussion in 'Know Before You Go' started by Darlene, May 3, 2001.

  1. Beth & John

    Beth & John Guest

    Good Morning from east coastal Florida. A beautiful day outside today....maybe some sprinkles later on but gorgeous at the moment.

  2. Mermaid

    Mermaid Guest

    Good morning cruisers! 88 degrees yesterday in central Texas. Summer is on it's way. Hopefully some rain headed our way during the next couple of days. Andrea, I'm having the urge to return to the Bluegrass state for a visit. Hmm....might possibly have something to do with the Derby this Saturday. I have always had an infatuation with horses (yes DT, I know a horse is not an aquatic anmial). Used to love to go to the track early in the morning before dawn, and watch the horses being excercised. And those stable smells...ahh.
  3. Kathy

    Kathy Guest

    Greetings from sunny NW Ohio. Into the 80's again today but showers tomorrow and cooling back into the 70's on the week-end. Love this weather!

    Have a great day everyone!
  4. Cruise Cynic

    Cruise Cynic Guest

    Bonjour from Montreal. We expect to shatter another high temperature record today, before it cools off just in time for the weekend. (There aint no justice) It's just nice to see the snow stop falling, although it is still theoretically possible.....
    Why New Englanders actually choose to cruise here is a total mystery to me.
  5. cruzship

    cruzship Guest

    Its a beautifull day here on Long Island, I think I'll attend a funeral :-/
  6. Jan

    Jan Guest

    Good Morning all! Cool (60's) & rain again today here in the Twin Cities of MN.
    Its off to work again for me today.
    Have a wonderful day!!
  7. PEB

    PEB Guest

    Good Morning from Duluth Minnesota! You know its spring when the big news story is "The Smelt are Running". Kind of lets you know how big a town you come from.
  8. KathyR

    KathyR Guest

    Good Morning addicts. Another great day here in SW Ohio, we do need rain. Hope everyone has a great day.

    Happy Cruising,
  9. Seawall

    Seawall Guest

    Good morning from a foggy LaTex border. Have a wonderful day, cruisers!
  10. maw

    maw Guest

    Good morning from SW Missouri. Sunny now but they do talk abt occasional thunder storms later today. We can use the rain also.

    Get those suitcases packed week end is coming up. Everyone have a great day!!
  11. Terri

    Terri Guest

    Good Morning from Sunny WINDY Southern California!

    Happy Sails to everyone. Bon Voyage to all you cruisers this week!
  12. DisneyBlonde

    DisneyBlonde Guest

    Happy Late Morning...

    A special good morning to everyone preparing for a sail-away this weekend. Happy Single Didget Midget-dom to LisaL and the o2cruises. I'm excited for all of you!

    Have a great day everyone!

  13. Debbie

    Debbie Guest

    Happy almost afternoon...

    In Houston in the 80s and could use rain - been about a week... I'm at work and have free time all day - boss out - no work - YAH! I've been playing catch up with the board for the last two days. - wish I could talk to ya'll all the time but he's coming back tomorrow afternoon.. :) Debbie

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