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Good News on Mike



That's great news Judy. We will keep Mike and you in our thoughts. Remind him not to overdo and take that advice yourself. You have had one H e double L of a month. Hope that Christmas and the New Year bring you peace and healing. Laurey


=clap Yeah!!! Great news Judy!! I'm actually a tad surprised they are allowing him to go back to work again so soon - even part time. That will probably help Mike's morale some. It will be interesting to see where the coumadin levels are now, too.


As I said in my card, OBEY JUDY IN ALL THINGS! I sure hope he listens to you AND the doctor. Don't be afraid to send him to the corner if he goes off restriction! Seriously, though, this is happy news that fills me with joy. I'm so pleased to hear this.


Well yesterday on Saturday no less, we got a call from an on-call cardioligist. Mike's coumadin level had shot to 8. It should be 3. The last time he was admitted in critical condition his coumadin had shot to 13. His body is just not processing this drug well at all. So he was told not to take the medication yesterday or today, tomorrow to cut it back to half and have more bloodwork on Tuesday. He has been getting bloody noses so we need to get this drug titered somehow. I'm glad the Dr. is on top of this. Mike actually wants to take a quick jaunt to the grocery store with me this morning. He is testing himself and his driving tolerance I think. As soon as the doctor told him he could drive he took the car keys from me and drove home on Friday. LOL He has been very good and behaving himself lately.

Cruise cutie

:grin I figured when I yapped yesterday..he'd start chomping to get in *GO* mode..prayers continue..=phone..:grin..Joanne


That is wonderful news Judy. This has been an ordeal for you both and now things are looking up. We will keep Mike in our prayers that things keep going in this direction...and tell Mike we said slow and steady as she goes ;)


Great news about Mike's progress, Judy. PT/INR are a pain to control, but the doctors will get his coumadin adjusted eventually - especially if Mike cooperates!

And with the spectacular announcement you made on the AFT Deck, Flamingo Man had better behave himself!


Judy, the rough thing about coumadin is that it doesn't affect any two people in the same way. You'll get there, but sometimes it takes awhile to regulate. Keep the faith!