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Good Places to eat in Ports?

Discussion in 'Alaska & Pacific Northwest Ports' started by CruzinKat, Apr 4, 2005.

  1. CruzinKat

    CruzinKat Guest

    Does any one have reccomendations of good places to eat in Ketchikan, Juneau, and Skagway?
    Maybe some places the locals eat ...especially seafood!
  2. antron

    antron Guest


    a small eating place right off the dock in skagway ( we were docked next to the rock wall ) was a wonderful place that had fantastic fish and chips with a nice cold glass of alaskan beer. it was heaven and very reasonable in price. that is the only time i ate off the ship.
  3. skagwaypilot

    skagwaypilot Guest

    The restaurant referred to in Skagway is The Fish Company... locals call is 'Fishco'..
    The halibut fish and chips can't be beat!! The Stowaway Cafe next door was excellent last summer..

    In Juneau, the Paradise Cafe and Bakery near the docks is great for home made bakery items and breakfast quiche.
  4. CruzinKat

    CruzinKat Guest

    Thanks for the reccomendations.....any place in Juneau for dinner?
    How about Ketchican for lunch or dinner?
  5. antron

    antron Guest


    hi and welcome.
    thanks for letting me know the name of the restaurant. it was fantastic. and i love the alaskan beer.
  6. skagwaypilot

    skagwaypilot Guest

    I don't get to Ketchikan very often so I don't have any recommendations..
    There's not many good Mexican restaurants in Southeast Alaska so I frequently eat at the Travel Lodge in Juneau.. and it is near the airport which is convenient for me. The Alaskan Hotel in downtown is good.
  7. CruzinKat

    CruzinKat Guest

    Thanks for your help...maybe I'll see ya flyin by! :)
  8. ColDoc

    ColDoc Guest

    In Ketchikan, try the Burger Queen, restaurant for the best onion rings in the world. It may seem like a "greasy-spoon" and not very appealing on the outside, but the people who operate it did a great job on our meal there. Once on the pier, walk through the roadway tunnel and Burger Quuen is on the right. If you have a port-side cabin you will probably see it from the ship.

    Four years ago when we took our first cruise, my wife was so sea sick that morning coming into Ketchikan, all she could do was pray for the gangway to go over. After walking around for awhile, we visited a Creek Street and asked about lunch. She said a lot of the locals ate at Burger Queen. So we hiked over in the rain to eat there. After we ordered we looked out at the window and saw the Galaxy there and we woth laughed saying we had paid thousands for a cruise that had almost 24-hr per day gourmet food to end up in a burger place eating onion rings and a delicious burger cooked to order.

    At leat she wasn't sea sick when we left port tht afternoon!!

  9. antron

    antron Guest


    the onion rings and burger sounds delicious too me. cant wait to get there.
  10. Schooner

    Schooner Guest

    Yes defiantly try Burger Queen!! Bibbest sloppiest burgers ever!!
  11. CruzinKat

    CruzinKat Guest

    Sounds good to me too!
    When your travlin and eating a bunch of fancy food...sometimes a good ole greasy burger is just what the doctor ordered!

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