Good Saturday morning!


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Good morning to all Cruise @ddicts around the world.
We have an grey and cloudy morning here today. When I went to work early this morning, we got some light rain. It will be an cloudy and grey with rain showers during the day. Temperature will be highest at 57 F.

So sad to see all the news of the hurricane Irma, and what has happened so far on all the islands. Been following the news all the time, keep an extra eye also with the situation with Florida.
Stay safe all who are in the area.


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Good morning all,

Yes, those hurricanes are slamming our southern coasts. Hope George and family are ok wherever they are. It's sunny and cool here in NY's Hudson Valley. Temp is 54. Have a happy and safe weekend.

George C

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Good morning everyone, another really nice sunny day here , high will be in upper 80's. My brother and his family live and work in Ft Myer which is supposed to have a direct hit, but he is in NYC then will be in Erie Pennsylvania, but his house is close to the water