Good Sunday Afters



Hello! Been up since pretty early with Ben. He seems to have recovered from his tummy bug, but is still a little fussy, so we will skip church this AM. HE gets very upset at the nursery under the best of circumstances, so we don't want to push it today.

We were home all day yesterday because of the ice storms here. We will likely venture out for some fresh air later today. Otherwise, not much to report.

Play safe!


good morning all

Well this is the day we are putting up the tree and decerateing the house I have not had a tree for years. We used to have a tree in both dd house and ours and this year she is going to be living with us in a few weeks. It is cold here but is going to get warmer as we get into the week. We have a dinner for dh model airplane flying club so I do have to make dinner. I love the Halmark channel this time of year they have new and old christmas movies so I have a few I have recorded so that is how I am going to spend the day. Everyone have a nice day and keep warm.


Mentioned in ramble it was 66 here well that was then al of a sudden rain hit and the temp is going down. Like Audrey curing up with some Hallmark movies. Have a big heavy pizza to dive into later today. Paw will be intent on football as usual(between naps.)

Cruise cutie

:wave Good Morning Afters..Just finished my first cuppa..

took the opportunity to sleep late ..till 10:15..:grin.. and I AM rested!!

we had a nice time last night with our friends..the Manicotti came out great and it was a bonus to visit and relax with old times ..and catch up too..

it is bitter cold today.. I shall not venture out till bowling tonight.. Hope you all have a good day..:)..Joanne


Good Sunday Morning afters. Well yesterday was a very busy day. Errands, picking up a few things for Christmas and grocery shopping. Then home and more internet shopping. I do enjoy the internet shopping because I can look around for the best deals.

Boxes that have to be mailed are packed and ready to go. I'll have to go to the post office tomorrow. Was on the phone with Audra last night. Checking the list to even things out among the boys. Kiarra is like a run away train I went crazy. I just have to stop looking at all the little clothes. LOL I said I was all finished and then found a Minnie Mouse Holiday skirt and top and headband. Good thing it was 25% off already marked down. eiy yi yi. It will be so adorable on her. Of course she already has another Christmas dress so this will be for our big family Christmas a few days before Christmas day.

Today I have to buckle down and get the housework done. ANd finish the laundry. And I have to take some courses for work online. They will pay me for doing it so I guess it is easier to do it from here than go into work.

Pot roast going into the crock in a few minutes. I love pot roast.

Some areas of the mountains got 3 feet of snow. We got a little rain last night and it is supposed to warm up into close to the 60's in the next days.

I have a cold so I think I will get what I have to done and then crash this afternoon.

Everyone have a great day.

H2O babe

Received a beautiful 12+ inches of snow all day yesterday and through the night. It will be a white Christmas here in central MN!!

Will be snowblowing, shoveling, and plowing our way out today. Would love to just have tomorrow off to finish decorating and so some baking.

Happy Sunday all.



Ahoy Afters. Been putzing around the house so far today. Got the bed stripped and the laundry churning. It's cold and cloudy here with rain on the way...just hope it is only rain!

Heading to DD's later this afternoon for dinner. That's about all on the agenda. Everyone stay warm and safe.

Donna - dsw

Hey everyone!

I have been just taking it easy this am. Read the paper from front to back! lol I never do that. On my 3rd cup of coffee.

It is 45 degrees here, but cloudy and gray - supposed to get bad later. I have to venture out to K-Mart for groceries and a new Christmas tree. Since all the kids are gone we are getting a smaller tree this year.

Well, we finally got the house back together and decorated. Now, I have to get the Christmas decorations out and up! lol

Hope you all have a great day! Be careful and enjoy!