Good Sunday morning!


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Good morning Christoffer and all Cruise @ddicts!

It’s rather cloudy now but it looks like it will be mostly sunny during the day, with a temperature in the mid to high 30’s.
Going home from Stockholm today. It looks like we have got a thin layer of snow back home. I hope it’s gone when I arrive.

It was a great hockey game yesterday. I don’t mean Finland-Sweden (which Finland won - congratulations Christoffer!) but the NHL game Colorado-Ottawa.

Great photos from Helsinki Cristoffer!
Love to see ferries and cruise ships when it’s dark outside, with all lights on.
I got some photos from the harbor in Stockholm, taken from the hotel room, but I only brought my point&shoot camera so they are not comparable in quality with your photos. I may share some of them here.

I wish you all a nice Sunday!



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Good morning all,

Giants playing a team with a worse record than them, and San Fran. have a 2 pt. advantage. Can it get any worse than that? Go Rangers!!! They are coming along nicely after a slow start. Were heading out to our granddaughters soccer game upstate from us. :cheerleader: It's 26 now and not going too far into the 30's. Damn, it'll be one cold afternoon...

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Good morning everyone, warm here in 60’s but will be 70 later, we will have our thanksgiving turkey today and hopefully watch giants win and cowboys lose, did a cruise in 1979 and one of the passengers was ny ranger great Phil Esposito, very cool and friendly guy anybody could talk to him at the bar and in a contest his wife threw a pie in his face , great cruise