Good Tuesday morning!


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Good morning to all Cruise @ddicts around the world.
We got an sunny but cold morning here. Outside temperature right now is at 14F. Later on we should expect 32 or 34F. Got a friend who is in Florida on vacation right now, got a message yesterday that it was just 57F in Orlando.

Later today to the Helsinki ice hall to watch some ice hockey. Regular season is already over in the Finnish Ice Hockey League. Team that i suppor is I.F.K. Helsinki won the regular season. Right now it's already time for the play off's and we are into the quarter finals, today is the round 3, you need 4 wins to head to the semifinals I.F.K. got already two wins before tonights game.

Everybody have a great day.


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Good morning all,

It's a cool a.m. here in NY's Hudson Valley. 33 right now, bright sun and blue skies. The birds are calling to me downstairs and the cat is all over the keyboard. Everyone wants breakfast. Yes, we have a cat and birds. Somehow, at least for now, they all get along...

George C

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Good morning everyone, 50 now but will be in upper 70's , we have 2 cats and one will try to help me type every now and then. Finally started going to gym again, so will do that again today.


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Good afternoon to all Cruise @ddicts!

It has been a rather cloudy morning but we may see the sun in the afternoon.
The temperature is in the mid 40's.

I wish you all a nice Tuesday!