Good Tuesday morning!


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Good morning to all Cruise @ddicts around the world.
Looks like it's going to be an cloudy day over here. Temperature will be highest at 57 F, might get some rain showers too.
Everybody have a great day.


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Good Morning Christoffer and all Cruise @ddicts!

It was a very nice day yesterday with sunshine and 66F. Today it looks like it will be about the same weather and temperature. Nice!

I wish you all a nice Tuesday!



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Good morning all,

Weather in NY's Hudson Valley has been summerish. I know that's a made up word, but it fits. High humidity with sunny days. What we need is one full day of steady rain. The Garlic Festival is coming up in Saugeties NY this weekend. Watch, it'll rain then...o_O

George C

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Good morning everybody, today is cloudy and will only be in the 80's after 2 weeks in 90's , my wife would love to go to a garlic festival, I promised her a couple of days ago that I would make her spaghetti with garlic and oil .