Good Wednesday Morning!


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Good morning to all Cruise @ddicts!

It looks like it will be partly sunny today with a temperature in the low 70's.

I wish you all a nice Wednesday!


This photo is from a beach close to Tulum, Mexico.

And here is a photo from Tulum.

Krazy Kruizers

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Good Morning Cruise Addicts

Yesterday was a nice day once the sun came out in the afternoon -- a high of 75. This morning it is chilly for this time of the year -- 55!! The weather people tell us that it will warm up to 83 this afternoon.

We did get to sit outside yesterday for a couple of hours. Heard the locusts singing -- that is a sign (according to old legends) that fall is just around the corner.

We enjoyed our day at Tulum -- many years ago -- walking around all the ruins. We have a picture of us taken there -- hanging on the wall in our library/computer room.

Everyone have a good day.

George C

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Good morning KK and Erik, another warm day here should be 99, not sure what I will do today other than watch my Yankee game in a few hours. Great pictures again Erik, we also have been to Tulum several times but not in last 15 or so years seems all our cruises in area now go to Cozumel