Goodbye ....



<HTML>I was simply telling people where they can find their friends. There is nothing wrong with that. Next time - leave your name so I can address you directly.



<HTML>I have to say that I am surprised by several negative reactions to John, both here and on CruiseMates. Not to this decision but to him personally. Aren't we forgetting something here? It wasn't that long ago that everyone was saying how wonderful he is and how they love this board. Regardless of what happened and how people feel about Pamda I don't think John deserves these comments. For all the people who have said they plan to leave Cruise@ddicts I think it will be a great loss all round, so please think before burning your bridges. Things do blow over!


<HTML>This is a horrid mess....very confusing...and very sad after our recent communications, Pamda. I feel I've only found a few pieces of a puzzle but hope I didn't add to the whole picture leading to this conclusion!!</HTML>


<HTML>ya have to give him credit for one is 11:30, I have to go to work in the morning, I am reading all these posts, waiting for the next one and he has 61 and counting. Certainly got my interest.

John: IMHO you just did more to wreck this board in one minute than any of these advertisers could ever do. I, for one, do not just read your board. I read Cruise Mates, and several others. Do you really think others limit their contact just to Cruise@ddicts?

I come back you yours because of the camraderie. That is what makes yours good. C'mon---kiss and make up!</HTML>


<HTML>I have lived long enough and seen enough chat rooms, message boards etc, to know that people come and go because of hurt feelings, slights, and reading something into someone's comments that causes one person to take it so seriously that the person left the room forever. It IS sad but you know, one has just got to roll with the punches. This seems to be about business and ads, not personalities.

I for one, have found a lot of pleasure in writing on this board and meeting new friends but I have noticed a lot of people not writing any more and I haven't heard any comments about the missing people who used to be here.

I made my choice a long time ago to stay with this board because basically it is a helpful, kind, and nice place to be. I have met several people in person from this message board who now are friends altho they live in other places.

This too shall pass!!!! Some people will leave, some will feel the board is never the same and some new ones will come onto the board who will just like it because of the answers they receive and the help they are given.

Step back, take a breath, sleep on it, and things always look worse right at the heighth of the storm and yet, just like the sea, the waves will die down and calm will return.</HTML>


<HTML>What's wrong with this picture
Well it has to be more than meets the eye, that's what's wrong.

Here are all of you people that have stood behind and praised John and Ingred for such a long time, through thick and thin, through the good, bad and the ugly, praised John when he came down on trouble makers, applauded him when he made changes to make the board more enjoyable for you, but now, based on a one liner with no explanation and which is obviously worded to show distaste for John, you are ready to throw in the towel, or more accuratly throw the towel at John.
There must be a flurry of email circulating behind the scenes and without doubt one side of the story is making the rounds but in your haste to judge, remember from the past!! John is a fair and honest person, yes he has removed posts, but a lot of you applauded him for keeping the riff raff out, and at one point he even removed posts critical of pamda. John would NOT have "just" asked pamda to leave, there had to be reasons and discussion and more than likely disagreement, probably on both sides which means that there are two sides to this story as with any other but John is a considerate enough person that you will probably not see him running off at the email mouth and if he felt necessary to take such drastic steps it was not without what he felt to be good reason and it was not done lightly.
So leave if you must, but remember, four hours ago you called this your home, you trusted John to keep track of turning the lights on and off and you thought he was a wonderful landlord.

Know what? he probably still is, he just has the other side of the story.</HTML>


<HTML>IMHO, thank you so much for taking the words out of my mouth. This is John's place, and when we come here, we visit. It is his right to ask people to leave. It is not our place to make judgements, and I am shocked by the people that have immediately declared they are leaving. I am also saddened by CA's comment about regretting his decision to give Matt and his family the Cruise@ddict logo apparel. Now, this is a boy with cancer that we have decided to help. Again, we did that as a family. Now, whether CA wants to burn his own LOGO items is another matter. .....
think about it?</HTML>


<HTML>Well said glo-ree-bee!

Pamda has said her goodbye and is not posting here anymore. If she were, maybe she would repeat some advice she gave me on an earlier thread.

I have copied from that thread and this was her advice to me when she thought it was time to close a subject I had opened. Maybe it's time to let this one go.

Sometimes it's a good idea to "talk" to someone whom you know and trust before blowing off in public.

And there's always the Pamda mantra, "When in doubt, say nothing." I do that a lot.

It's time to let it go, in my opinion.

Is that something we can agree upon?



<HTML>Well said juliejo. Don't know any of the problems and was shocked to see all the negative comments. Will reserve my judgements until a later date. Plan to keep on cruising and keep on using the addicts board.</HTML>


<HTML>Thought the whole frolic was very immature!!
Got tired of seeing all the posts from mature adults.
As for Matt-how sad you feel the way you do as it should have nothing to do with the board.</HTML>


<HTML>From what I've seen in the chatrooms, I am pretty sure that Pamda and John were having a cyber affair. I am convinced that it turned ugly and Ingrid insisted on Pamda's removal, although this is only an opinion. Perhaps all the liquor posts had something to do with this as well. I don't blame John for wanting to salvage his marriage. Do any of you?</HTML>



What a funny way to end what is otherwise a very unfortunate thread.

after this we all needed a good laugh.</HTML>


<HTML>Don't know pamda & don't know John but as a few previous posters have politely pointed out there are 2 sides to every story & since most of us don't know what happened I don't understand how so many people have turned so quick against this board & John. One day everyone is praising John for doing such a great job & in the blink of an eye so many people are turning against him & I don't think most of them even know why. As one wise poster stated tempers flare, sometimes things get said that aren't really meant & sometimes things are just misinterpreted.But I think that instead of acting like mature adults, too many people are acting like bickering children. I'm sorry that pamda & John have had a disagreement & I would hope that down the road they could straighten things out. I for one, have gained a lot of info from pamda's posts, but iIn my opinion, pamda made her little 1 line statement for 1 purpose & 1 purpose only--to cause as much friction as possible for John & the board. I don't know what is going on here & it is not my intention to side with anyone but I am amazed at how many people have turned so quickly against someone who may not be perfect (but who among us is) but someone who has given us a great place to visit. Instead of bad mouthing each other I think we should all take a deep breath, try not to be so criticle of each other, and maybe with a little time pamda & John will mend their fences. Life is just too short for all of this bickering. As I said before, I have learned a lot from pamda & I may well visit another board to read some of her posts but I am not going to turn my back on this board because 2 people have chosen to disagree with each other.</HTML>

Anonymous in New Jersey

<HTML>People can be opinionated but variety is the spice of life and thats what makes us all individuals on spaceship planet Earth. I really feel the owners of the board are making a big mistake by asking the divine Ms Pamda from leaving and besides did Pamda step on someones big toe that they are in a snit and their pantyhose is caught in the crack of their doopa?</HTML>