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Goodbye ....

Discussion in 'Know Before You Go' started by pamda, Jun 26, 2001.

  1. Croozin

    Croozin Guest

    <HTML>I can't believe the internet isn't big enough to support two boards. Pam, you were a marvelous hostess at the Phrolic and have become a good friend. The party was certainly good publicity for this board and for cruising in general. If Cruisemates co-sponsored or even chipped in, so what. Did it diminish the party or enhance it? No one commented that John was cheap to not send the champagne.

    If that is what caused the rift, then it is petty beyond belief. The bulletin board is not family, the people that post are. While it's nice to have a "meeting hall" supplied, the meeting can float.and survive. I have enjoyed CruiseAddicts as I had enjoyed other boards in the past. What's made them enjoyable were the friends we've made, who have followed from place to place.

    Wherever we "meet" whether on board or onboard, let's remember what this is all about, enjoying and sharing a piece of our lives with our friends.</HTML>
  2. nieciez

    nieciez Guest

    <HTML>Very well said Croozin

    DeniseZ B)</HTML>
  3. rocster

    rocster Guest

    <HTML>Croozin, I believe it is far beyond that, this seems to have been a long time in the making, but I think we should just get over it and move on. Pamda and CA will be missed for sure.
    Didn't pamda plug her book a lot in the past? could that be part of the rift with the no advertising policy? Who knows...</HTML>
  4. web

    web Guest

    <HTML>Gee, I'd just like to know the nature of the problem, so we know what not to do.
    If it's too much commercialism, I can understand. There's a guy on Fodor's who
    just dominates & ruins that board.
  5. Kathy

    Kathy Guest

    <HTML>I have no idea on what's going on and was in shock to read this post this morning. I met Pam and Andy on the RSMC and they are great people but I also met John and Ingrid (also terrific) and feel there must be more to this than most of us know about. It will definitely be sad to have the wit and knowledge of pamda and CA missing from this board and I hope whatever caused this rift to develop can be resolved and it doesn't cause the demise of a great and well tended site.</HTML>
  6. cruizinOn

    cruizinOn Guest

    <HTML>Is it true that cruisemates made an offer to buy this site? recently??
    And was turned down???

    Champagne---------------$5.00 per bottle.
    and hiring Pamda??????
  7. Wise One

    Wise One Guest

    <HTML>What ever the reason its happened,life is too short and we are here only for a short time on a journey through life. For adults that are feuding to me it all sucks.</HTML>
  8. BillG

    BillG Guest

    <HTML>This topic is taking on the "my cruise line is better than your cruise line" mentality. Loyalty is demanded and involvement with other boards automatically makes people suspect. I visit a number of cruise boards to gain information and to help answer, if I can, questions other cruisers might have. I hope that I don't have to worry that if I am read on one board, I am unwelcome on another. It is one thing to censor, obscene or unseemly posts, or to restrict posts to those which are not blatantly commercial. For anything else, it would seem to me that most people who visit these boards are able to recognize those posts which are helpful and enjoyable and those which are frivolous or overly argumentative or have a hidden agenda. Perhaps if more time were spent on discussing cruise issues and less on debating why one board is "better" than another, we could all use our time more productively.</HTML>
  9. EleanorU

    EleanorU Guest

    Good by

    <HTML>I've been watching this unfold for sometime now. I think its best that these two people leave. They may have contributed a lot to the board, but they have also done a lot to stir the pot. I've noticed over time that pamda can be quite rude to someone asking a question. Her answers are snotty at best. I just have never liked her style. Cruise addict can be just as bad. He apparently felt justified to go to extremes by making a fake reservation to make a reporter who post on this board look bad. I was stunned to see that. John has put his own time and money into this board so all of us can enjoy it. How many of you are willing to do that? I for one am staying and I am really looking forward to calmer seas.
  10. Re: Good by

    <HTML>I can't see why the idea of two people leaving has caused this much fuss. So, they contributed to the board, that was great. So they had some great ideas, that was great. But to attempt to destroy what John has worked so hard at, and something that we have all enjoyed reading/posting is just plain childish.
    I don't know Pamda, and now, don't care too. Maybe she is a great person, maybe she is very knowledgeable about cruising, but I think this board can survive without her. Anyone that would do something like this is too immature for my tastes.
    I admit that I don't know the whole story here, most of us don't, and since this is a personal problem, I don't want to.
    But for some1 or some2 people to attempt to sabotage a bulletin board because of a personal disagreement, is just plain STUPID!
    No, I won't post my name or email address, I really don't care if anyone agrees or disagrees with my comments, and don't really want to get bombarded with nasty emails. Many of the posters are treating this as if it were a personal attack, it had nothing to do with anyone but the ones involved. If they want to take their football and leave, so be it. They will be missed, but I don't think this is a case where you are going to get a vote as to who goes and who stays. Starting a Cyber Riot is just so unnecessary.
    Lurking in CyberSpace</HTML>
  11. Edd

    Edd Guest

    Re: Good by

    <HTML>Hey.... this is better than watching a soap opera. It appears that maybe someone got their feelings hurt for some reason. I think that it all started with all of the censorship issues and has made it's way down to people leaving. You know what... who cares......</HTML>
  12. Terri

    Terri Guest

    Re: Good by

    <HTML>My previous comment should have read:

    I am so very saddened that this has happened to this wonderful board. Families have arguments. I hope time will heal the wounds and allow everyone involved to reflect upon what has transpired and their part in it.

    Bless this house and all who enter here.</HTML>
  13. BSeaBob

    BSeaBob Guest

    The End?

    <HTML>I hope</HTML>
  14. cruznutt

    cruznutt Guest

    Re: The End?

    <HTML>If this is a non-commercial board that is supposed to be here so cruisers can exchange information why is it wrong for someone from cruisemates to point out an article over there if someone is asking a question about something? I have been to cruisemates and they don't delete posts that point to other websites, I have even seen their own people post links to other websites. In the long run it all boils down to doing whats best for the people who take the time to contribute here. Pamda was a great contributor to the community here, but what she was doing wasn't in the best interest of John, and even though it was in the best interest of every one else, what was in the best interest of John turned out to be more important.</HTML>
  15. Oh Really

    Oh Really Guest

    Re: The End?

    <HTML>Who says it wasn't in the BEST interest of everyone else? I think its time to put this dead horse in the ground and move on. This BB consists of 100's of people not just two. The sun will come up tomorrow without them. Lets move on and discuss cruising.</HTML>
  16. IMHO

    IMHO Guest

    Re: The End?

    <HTML>NUFF SAID, Thank you John for your straight forward honest explanation of what really happened.

    It is unfortunate that some seem to be choosing sides. Why do so many feel that they have to when this is obviously a private disagreement that should have *NEVER* been brought to public issue.</HTML>
  17. tie-Di

    tie-Di Guest

    Re: The End?

    <HTML>Can't believe I'm reading all this......what did you get me into, nieciez?</HTML>
  18. gdaym8

    gdaym8 Guest

    Re: The End?

    <HTML>If you think this is the only board this person has caused trouble on I've got a bridge in Brooklyn that I'll sell you. This person is TROUBLE with a capiltol T. For the greater good its best that we start fresh here. Its already starting to feel like a brand new day. Off with the old and saggy and on with the new and improved attitude.</HTML>
  19. Re: The End?

    <HTML>Here here!</HTML>
  20. redstripe

    redstripe Guest

    <HTML>Congratulations to the 100th poster!... you will receive a bottle of Champagne and some chocolate dipped strawberries from the board. hahaha

    cheers, red stripe</HTML>

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