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Got Docs! THINK I found something interesting...

Discussion in 'Carnival Cruise Lines' started by julie, Apr 18, 2004.

  1. julie

    julie Guest


    I received my docs yesterday for my 5/10/04 Carnival sailing.
    I booked an Outside Guarantee.
    On almost all pages it lists Cabin Number: GTEE

    On the BACK of the Sail & Sign Account, on the very bottem it shows this:
    XXXXXX(booking #)U154(I THINK this may be my cabin #)*EC200405100004last name

    There are 4 other couples going with us.
    We all booked GTEE.
    I checked with each of them and their docs are very close to mine.

    U152 - U144 - U132 - U120(although this couple booked an inside GTEE, this is an outside cabin so maybe they got upgraded?

    I booked through Lori & they all booked through another person, but we were all crossed referenced. DO YOU THINK THAT THESE REALLY COULD BE OUR CABIN #'S? I HOPE SO!
    They are all in the same section, within 10 cabins of each other.

    I have never noticed this before on any other GTEE's I've booked.
    Your thoughts on this would be appreciated!
    Thank you,
    Julie (aka ilovecruises)

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  2. Sodey

    Sodey Guest

    I think all it means is that you get to do the dishes the first night out!
  3. Angel73921

    Angel73921 Guest

    Wow, I just checked my docs and sure enough, there is a number after the booking number that could possibly be a cabin assignment. I'm hoping its our room number because that means we got upgraded from an oceanview guarantee (6A) to a balcony (8A)!!!!!!!!!
  4. Hi,

    I checked my docs and I had the same thing on the back of the sign and sail page. I then went to the Carnival website to try to send a gift to that stateroom only to get an invalid stateroom message. I guess I will have to wait until May 15th to find out my cabin number. Will be interesting if it ends up being the same..........
  5. SandyBeach

    SandyBeach Guest

    I have a cabin assignment already booked on our upcoming cruise...and it appears in the place where your U###'s do. It could be that you were assigned temporary rooms because you are traveling with others...but they won't become permanent until the day you board. Please let us know if you end up with those cabins!
  6. Jinx

    Jinx Guest

    I do believe you have 'cracked the code'. My Doc's say R139 and I checked the location w/ travelocity. I seen that this cabin is one with one pull-down bed and an OV. There are 3 of us sailing this time.

    No upgrade for us then.

    I suppose that there is still a chance that we could be moved if they need to. I'll let you know when we get back if this all hold up.

  7. Boy, I got excited.... grabbed my doc's and started searching.......

    Darn it, mine just say TBA......... :( Oh, well, I suppose this still gives us an opportunity to be upgraded.......

    Have a great time!!!!
  8. Belizemama

    Belizemama Guest

    Ours has TBA also. When I talked to our PVP last week to see if he would give us our cabin #'s, he said we still may be upgraded again and for that reason he couldn't give me anything. He did say that we would be at the very least a Cat.8C.
    which is a 2 Cat. upgrade since we paid for 8A. So I guess that is cool.
    Do they ever upgrade from say a Cat.8 to a Cat.11? Now that would really be cool.

    13 more days til the Conquest!!!!!!
  9. prettygigi

    prettygigi Guest

    Good job Julie!!!

    Mine says my actual cabin assignment which I got from my TA, but I would have never notticed it!

    Lost angel, though luck!!! that is too funny.

  10. trollhead

    trollhead Guest

    When I picked up my docs last week, the travel agent told me there was still no room assignment, however, I checked on the back of my Sail and Sign ticket and sure enough. But, mine says E23. This is our first cruise, so I am not too confident about how to find out where our room is, etc. We booked an outside cabin. Does anyone know how to find where your room is on the website?
  11. Jinx

    Jinx Guest

    That would be on Empress deck stateroom 23
  12. morick

    morick Guest

    Ok, ours says TBA but theres a 61 before the CQ and the sail date. Think this means anything? The suspense is killing me! *L*
  13. trollhead

    trollhead Guest

    do you think if it is already been assigned, that we can still be upgraded... i am such a novice!
  14. Belizemama

    Belizemama Guest

    On our 1st Carnival cruise, we had an assigned cabin but when we got to the dock, they put new tags on our bags and told us that we had been upgraded....so I guess it can still happen. Good luck:)
  15. Petra

    Petra Guest

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  16. Angel73921

    Angel73921 Guest

    Petra, I see from your previous posts that you are on the Carnival Legend. If this system does actually work, that means you are on the Verandah Deck (Deck 7) in cabin 7277 which is a category 8G (extended balcony). Hope this helps and remember, this isnt a definite cabin number.....they can still change it before you get to the pier!
  17. Petra

    Petra Guest

    No Subject

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  18. Sanny

    Sanny Guest

    Julie: hope I don't disappoint you , but your theory didn't work for us. Our docs said "m85" after the booking #, but we actually ended up in m217. The same for our friends, theirs said "m91" and they ended up in m221. Perhap some "cabin shifting" went on after we had received our docs.
  19. prettygigi

    prettygigi Guest

    Some last minute cabin shifting definitely went on with you Sanny, but at least you are in the same M deck which means that you got upgraded from the Riviera or first deck to the Main or second deck. Still gives you an upgrade though!

  20. S & J

    S & J Guest

    Saw this post so I checked mine and it has U230 on it. The good news is that it is the Upper Deck. The bad news is that it is the VERY BACK of the boat. Not even on the side--the BACK! Anyone ever been back there? What is it like? This is the 1st time I have ever booked a guaranteed room and usually when I select my cabin, I choose something mid-ship. Any information would be fantastic! I have to walk forever to get to the pool. Does that mean I can order 2 desserts every night? :eek:)

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