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Got room # w/ BookModify - over the dance floor??

Discussion in 'Carnival Cruise Lines' started by LeanneR, Aug 28, 2004.

  1. Kim1319

    Kim1319 Guest

    whooo hooo serene =docdance:thumb

    Next time be a little more careful though. LOL Don't hurt yourself too bad before your cruise!!
  2. Olga

    Olga Guest

    One more question about the bookModify cabin selection. I've seen my cabin # (terrific upgrade!!) for a few weeks now. I am today 14 days from sailing. My docs still have guarantee on them. Can I still be demoted to a lesser cabin at the dock?
  3. serene56

    serene56 Guest

    Did you check the back of your sign and sail page- on the bottom there will be a long number that starts with your booking number. Your cabin assignment should be in that number.

    If you are seeing your cabin on the modify pages that is more then likly your cabin. Carnival has stated once it is set there will be no more changes.

    If youwant to check again...go to the carnival web page and look for gifts. Make believe you are ordering a gift to send to yourself and put in your booking number and cabin number....once that is done you should see your names.
  4. Kim1319

    Kim1319 Guest

    Well, tomorrow should be the day!!! Tomorrow I should be able to see what cabin number I'm in. But, for some reason I don't have a very good feeling about this. I don't think its going to work, still. I don't think I'll be able to find my cabin until we get our sail & sign documents. :( Or I may not even know until we get there!! :(:( I hope I don't have to wait that long. I'm so anxious to know so I can show my mom, she'd be so excited. But oh well if it doesn't work..... LOL I'll obviously find out eventually. Gotta keep telling myself "BE PATIENT... be patient!!"
  5. Kim1319

    Kim1319 Guest

    Well okay, today is the day. 7 weeks from today is our cruise. I tried the BookModify method and still getting the error page. HOWEVER!!!!!! I tried using the Kelly Method and the 3rd Cabin I typed in I FOUND MY CABIN!!! We had an OV GTY, and ended up with a 6D! Cabin # E26 and my mom and grandma are in Cabin # E22 (this is their first cruise) Now I'm so much more excited for the cruise. I was hoping for a 6D but wouldn't have been disappointed if it was lower.
  6. serene56

    serene56 Guest

    I am noticing the modify screen only will work using a third party.

    go to www.carnival.com and register your cruise. (up top where it says register) click on your cruise info. it will ask you for your password. Once that is all done and you are now into the information about your cruise minimize that screen. (you should still have this screen up.
    click on these words- http://www.carnival.com/BookModify.aspx it should do the listing without any errors--- Kim--tell me if it works for you

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