Grand Cayman Beaches

We're looking for suggestions on a nice beach for families with small children. We've been to seven-mile beach before, but were wondering if there are any other suggestions!! Thanks Happy cruising!!


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Rum Point - A pumping beach area where everything from volleyball and windsurfing to parasailing and snorkeling is available, Rum Point is one of the island's more popular beach areas. Facing north, toward Cuba, the smooth, white beach is flanked on one side by shade trees and a beautiful blue spectrum of calm seawater. After lounging on the beach all day, stopping by the popular Wreck Bar for a beer and a bite to eat is a must.

Smith's Cove - located south of George Town proper, offers exemplary snorkeling opportunities for beginners. The cove, protected by limestone formations and coral reefs, features white sands, some of the island's clearest waters, and a multitude of parrot fish, sponges, starfish, and sea fans. The beach area is one of Grand Cayman's most popular. Picnic facilities are available.

Cayman Kai - Ever wanted your footprints to be the only ones you see on snow-white sands? This "hideaway" beach, situated on the north side of the island just below Rum Point, offers the chance to swim, sail, snorkel, or sunbathe in relative solitude. Seashell collectors will be interested to note that the shore at Cayman Kai is a treasure trove of exotic conchs, periwinkles, and the like.

Sandy Point - If a quiet, uncrowded beach is what you seek, Sandy Point is the extreme answer. Tucked away on Little Cayman's east coast, this stretch of shore stays virtually untouched for days and weeks at a time. On clear days, Cayman Brac is visible toward the east. Little Cayman is located about 89 miles east of Grand Cayman.

Cayman Brac - The easternmost of the Cayman Islands, Cayman Brac is a rugged, 14-square-mile island whose dramatic geography is dominated by a limestone bluff (or "brac") that crosses the island from east to west, reaching heights of some 140 feet. A favorite with divers and snorkelers, the waters around Cayman Brac serve as the final resting place for three ships, including a Cuban frigate that sank in the mid-90s. Nature lovers adore exploring the rugged shorelines as well as paying a visit to the Parrot Reserve, where they hope to get lucky and catch a glimpse of the endangered Cayman Brac parrot.

East Coast - Windsurfers take note: Grand Cayman's top beaches from which to catch good breezes lie along the east coast, from East End all the way up to Colliers. Morritt's Tortuga Club (345-947-7492) can arrange all types of "X-Game"-style adventures for you, whether you want to windsurf through the Channels or snorkel along the protected reef area. Beaches on this side of the island are noteworthy for smooth white sands and clear waters that seem to change color almost every hour.

Water Cay - When asked to recommend a nice, quiet beach for sunbathing and, perhaps, a romantic picnic, cruise directors often direct passengers to this secluded beach, located on the island's north side near Rum Point. Wade out knee deep, and you might just see a few starfish going about their business on the seafloor.
If you haven't already left, we had 2 girls, ages 3 & 6 at Royal Palms beach in Grand Cayman. Was a 2 minute taxi ride from the port. Beautiful beach with great amenities!