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Grand Cayman, Cozumel, Belize, Roatan (Honduras)



Hello all; would appreciate any and all suggestions based on these ports.

I'm a first time cruiser; the Carnival Legend leaves Tampa May 11th and I will be venturing to the above listed ports.

Any and all first hand knowledge/suggestions on MUST DO's at these ports would be great. Personal experiences are a good thing to hear of; and all suggestions are gladly welcome :)

I'm 26 and my wife is 22; so "younger" based fun things...we love to snorkel...not so interest in scuba though; and aren't he "bar scene" type...so Margarita-ville isn't our idea of fun...

I know that in the Caymans Stingray City is a must
We are really torn on either Cave Tubing or touring the Mayan ruins in Belize

And have ZERO clue what to do in Cozumel or Roatan



The cave tubing is allot of fun, but i would suggest you use a outfitter other than the cruise line. We used the cruise line's outfitter, and were jammed into three large, very very OLD hot smelly buses for the long ride to the tube area, very unpleasant! Those that used smaller outfits arrived in nice clean vans etc. Cozumel is a great island to rent a car and explore, the east end of the island is very quite compared to the port area.


This is my favorite itinerary of the 17 cruises I have taken. Here are our favorites...

Bannister Island, Reef Snorkeling and Manatee Watch in Belize...

We used this company for Stingray City

We always use this company for snorkeling in Cozumel

We set up our snorkel in Roatan through this resort

=funsign on CCL Legend


Cozumel - Take the ferry over to Playa del Carmen and check out the Cenote Snorkeling. Inexpensive, well run, enjoyable and interesting.

Roatan - Dolphin Enounter at Anthony's Key Resort.


I was on that cruise last year, did the Stingray City in Grand Cayman - a must you won't regret it......
In Cozumel - I went shopping, but mom and kids (kids are 15, 16) went horseback riding
In Belize, went snorkeling out on Geoff's Cay - absolutely fabulous, you are right on the reef and see so much sea life. Got to even watch a hermit crab change his shell. Mom and my youngest daughter - 15 went to the Belize zoo and said it was fabulous, have a wonderful picture of the spider monkey sitting on my daughter's head with his tail wrapped under her chin. And there is a funny story about how the Belize Zoo got their alligator and how they found their new exibit. (think hurricane).
In Honduras did the zip line. It was fun....but not sure I would do it again (that was the one where the next week the passenger from Norwegian Cruise line died on the zip line.)

The Legend is a wonderful ship, I hope you have a great time.


My husband and I have been to Cozumel twice...each time we have rented a moped/motorcycle and have driving around the island. Both times amazing adventures (of course one of those adventures was because my husband lost the keys to the bike in the ocen - no problem though - we lived!).

We found a bar, literally in the middle of no where in the beach - served liquid pina coladas and daquiri's (not blended with ice), but still a totally cool place. We also stopped numerous times to take a dip in the ocean (hence the lost keys!). Seriously - this is a great option. The mopeds or whatever they were, were right off the cruise ship and cost us $32 for the entire time we were on Cozumel.

Have a great time - we will be back in Cozumel on April 1st on the Carnival Valor! :)



I'm so excited that this topic is up here, since I'm hitting all the same ports on the cruise I booked for October. Thanks for all the advice everyone! It'll be my second cruise, and I'm definitely thinking about venturing away from just Carnival's shore excursions! Thanks!


I just posted this on the Cozumel suggestion thread:

I used tourcozumel.net and went to Mr. Sanchos beach club. For $40 we had all we could eat and drink...our waiter was very attentive, nice chairs that were reserved for us..beautiful place and an unreal day. Also booked the cooking class thru them, did it while dh laid on the beach. It was sooo much fun and later we got to eat the delicious food we prepared. I can't wait to get back; best excursion I have done in all my trips to Coz!

Read more: "Suggestions for Excursions on Cozumel" - http://www.cruise-addicts.com/forums/read.php?21,1276043#ixzz09yeXhNJo

Also, in Roatan, we booked thru Victor Bodden tours...I think his website is boddentours.com This is a reputable company. We had a driver for the day who stayed with us the whole time. I think it is $40 per person and price goes down the more people you have. Anyway, our driver drove us all around, we went down to Coxen Hole and walked "downtown" which is their little shopping area w/dirt roads.

Then she drove us to a resort called the Mayan Princess, that place is absolutely heaven on earth. For $10 pp we used their resort, which includes a gorgeous free form pool with waterfalls, chairs on the beach, there is an inexpensive bar/restaurant right on the beach and they will also pack your food and drinks to you. Pina Coladas made w/fresh coconut milk were only $5. It was just an amazing day and I would recommend it to anyone. Best of all...this place is QUIET. Nobody around to bother you! Right up the beach was the area they take the cruisers to who have booked thru the cruiseline..it was packed and not my thing at all. We had our own driver, and a resort pretty much to ourselves for about the same $$ they paid to ride buses over. When we were read to go, our driver was right there waiting for us, so at no time did we have to stress.


From Cozumel you should go to Tulum to see the ruins...it is probably some of the most scenic besides Chichen Itza... Also, the beach at Paradise is one of the best and it's free (public) and a short taxi ride from downtown. Good food (try the chips and salsa (5.25.) and great clean bathrooms.


In Grand Cayman you MUST go to Stingray City. Swimming with the rays is amazing! The first time we went, we used the ship's excursion. Very crowded! The second time, we used Captain Bryan's Buccaneer for our excursion. The timing was perfect, and we love sailing. (even though we didn't really get to do a lot of it.) I have pictures of that day in my signature if you'd like to take a look.


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Grand Caymans, Cozumel, Belize & Roatan

We just got back and had a wonderful time! Grand Caymans were awesome, we just hired someone to take us around the island--went to the Turtle Farm; Hell, Cayman Islands (yes, it is really named Hell!!); Tortuga Factory; and of course the Beach--great day!
Cozumel, I had been several times before and this time we rented jeeps and just went around the island and to the beaches
Belize--I highly, highly recommend Reggie for tours! We did the cave tubing and Reggie was fabulous!! We had the best time! He communicated with me prior to the trip as well as gave us specific directions to find him once we tendered into Belize! We had no trouble finding him and we just had a great time. He can be reached at http://www.regtour.com/
He also followed up with us once we were home to see if we arrived safely! You will not go wrong in booking with him! Everyone in our group loved him!!
Roatan, we booked through Victor Bodden Tours and just had a driver take us around the island--we saw the monkeys, fun; snorkeled, cameo factory (if you like cameos, this is where to get them).Roatan is beautiful! It was a great trip!!


If you take me serious, it's your problem
i think everyone has pretty much covered it... I would just like to add my must do's for your ports..

Grand caymen- a great place to snorkel, shop, and see turtles and stingrays.

cozumel - Chankanaab park, great for dolphin encounters, beach, and chillin , i rented a car and drove around the island at my own pace east end island is fairly empty, and there are plenty of places for intimate secluded beach lounging. You might also like the tequila factory tour.

belize - Belize is probably the best stop for snorkeling, and is also the best stop for Mayan ruins. Among the must see ruins would be Lamanai, and xuantunich.

the only problem with this itinerary is that there is so much more than you can see in one visit. So do online research and decide what each port of call has that you think you want to see first. Tripadvisor.com is a good reference point, and has many travelers reviews of everything from restaurants to sightseeing .. also has reviews of tour companies so you can learn which ones offer the best service, and which ones you might want to avoid...

I am taking this itinerary again in may... simply because i enjoyed it, and there was too much i wanted to see but didn't have time for.
My wife and I took the same itinerary last year. These were our choices and they were excellent.
In Roatan, find your way to the zip lines with South Shore Canopy Tours. 11 lines including one at almost 1000 feet long. A company that uses dual lines for safety.
In Cozumel, we went power boating (through the cruiseline, called power boat and beach escape) out in the ocean, it was incredible.
In Belize, we went cave tubing with cavetubing.com. Water was low but what a relaxing time.
And I took a beginners scuba as a refresher in the Caymans and I have heard that the snorkelling in the Caymans is great like the diving.
Hope that helps and have a great time!!