Grand Cayman taxi to hell, need help please



We're doing on our own again... Have you taken a taxi to hell? How much $$pp. We'll end up on 7 mile beach. Can anyone help with taxi rates? We've a group of 10 and need to plan a bit ahead. Thanks for all the help in advance.

Also, how long is the taxi ride from the taxi pickup in GC to Hell?

Thanks again in advance;

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I dont have a price for you but just wanted to make sure you realize that Hell is in Grand Cayman, not Cozumel. Im sure you realize that since you mentioned 7 Mile Beach. Also, I dont know why you chose Hell as one of your tour destinations but I hope you wont be disappointed.... theres really not much there worth seeing unless your group has their hearts set on sending mail postmarked from "Hell". Other than that, its a small area, some volcanic rock formations (small), and thats it. There used to be a gift shop but the hurricane wiped it out. Shoot, I dont know if theres anything left of Hell at all, to be honest. I read that Hell had been destroyed (being totally serious, even though it sounds like a joke), but I dont know if they just meant the gift shop building or all of it. You might want to get some current information before you make that a definite plan for your group... just my =twocents


Natalia, thanks so much. It's been a year since we have been there and are bringing a few new cruisers with us. I'd not considered that Hell would be damaged.

We've a group of 10 from 11yrs to 78. We'll have done the beach in Cozumel, and will do the beach at 7 mile... so we were looking for a bit of a BRIEF tour, drop off a few post cards and what not. I was hoping to get some $$$ ideas to see if it's even worth it.

Maybe the semi sub or sub excursion. Any ideas gang? We've done the sting rays twice and no one wants to snorkel or scuba (yes hard to believe)

Is Hell wiped out?

ok, I've picked your brains enough.... thanks for any input and two cents you care to share.

have a good day all


HI A Newbie here :)
HA our 'taxi' to Hell was hell, in the back of a FULL Mini Van. The vans aren't expensive, they have stops all over the place, one will eventually slam on the breaks an pick you up lol The rides were an experience not to be forgotten. Hell was not impresive for us, Caymans wasn't what I thought it would be. 7 Mile Beach was AWESOME! We were about the only ones on the beach. Went up to a motel bar an had a drink then walked some more then caught another 'taxi'. (Grand Princess 5/02) Ok, now see if i can post this :)