Grand Cayman


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We are going to be in Grand Cayman next month. I have an hour simi sub excursion booked, but that leaves us a long time to do other things. Will be there with the other half and two teens. This will be the only port that we'll have time for shopping and the beach. We'll be doing lunch on our own. Any suggestions on where to eat, shop, and swim?


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In front of the port authority building (tender area) you can catch a bus to 7 mile beach. The fare is based on how far up you go. We took the $7 ride which dropped us off, if I recall correctly, at the Courtyard Mariott and they tossed in a coupon that we could use at the open air restaurant on the beach side of the Mariott - the hotel is actually across the road.

The food isn't great but it's not bad. Served on paper plates with plastic cutlery. And the place was busy. But the eating area is a covered patio overlooking the beach. There are decent washrooms. There is also a bar facing the beach.

The beach itself is beautiful. You can walk down the beach a bit to find various water toy/sport rentals. I saw paddle boats, jet skis, banana boat rides and para sailing. Gorgeous water and I did see some people snorkeling but it didn't look like there was much close in. I expect one would have to swim out a bit for the good stuff.

Oh there was live music for a bit. The pictures where taken from the restaurant. Well restaurant is really an overstatement. Imagine a big deck with a roof.


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Shopping will be obvious. As you get off the tender you will see shops. Walk left or right and you'll see more shops. Walk up the side streets and you'll see shops. South (right) of the port authority, across the street from the South Terminal you will see a fountain. It marks a two story shopping area. If you walk behind the fountain, between the two buildings to the back you'll see more stores. Somewhere in there is an ice cream store. For the life of me I can't remember if it's Haagen Dazs or Baskin Robbins. What I do remember is the incredibly good Macadamia nut ice cream cone I had there.