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Grand Cayman

Discussion in 'Caribbean Ports' started by Missmaureen78, Apr 2, 2004.

  1. Are there places to rent snorkel equipment in Grand Cayman? We're planning on going out to Cemetary Reef, but don't want to go on an organized excursion. Just want to rent the equipment. Rent. Not buy and bring it down with us.

    Thanks in advance for any insight. This website has been increadibly helpful!

  2. Natalia

    Natalia Guest

    I dont have an answer for you as we have our own snorkel equipment... I know if you take a tour, they often provide the equipment. Anyways, I just wanted to =welcome you to the baord. Nice to have you. Enjoy your cruise!
  3. ready2go

    ready2go Guest

    You might check with your cruise line some of them have them to rent on the boat.
  4. dewyandkitt

    dewyandkitt Guest

    Missmaureen78 ,

    Try this link
    Talks about the various beaches in GC and what's available - especially if rentals are available. According to this site, they don't offer rentals at Cemetery Beach.

    However, on our last Carnival Cruise, you could rent equipment on the ship for the day. Might want to check with your cruiseline to see if they offer this.

    Hope this helps


  5. jwmcq

    jwmcq Guest

    I am going on a Nativeway Stingray Tour from the Conquest. My reservation says "The tour leaves the pier at 9 AM Central Time and completes around 11:45 AM Central Time. We ask that you check in around 8:15 AM Central Time AND no later than 8:45 AM Central Time."

    We are schedule to arrive in GC at 7:00 AM ship time - which I believe is on Central Time, but isn't GC on Eastern Standard Time? (they do not observe Daylight Savings Time)

    In ship time, what time should I be at the pier for my tour? I sure don't want to miss it, and I know I have to tender to shore. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  6. paljoeysmom

    paljoeysmom Guest

    I am on the Nativeways Tour as well. I received a very nice e-m from Sharon Eubanks.
    You need to be on the dock with Nativeways around 7:15 but NO LATER THAN 7:45 a.m. ship's time. The ships time is (1) hour ahead of GC time. We will be there on May 5th are you going the same day as us? I am on the Zuiderdam.
  7. NellieB

    NellieB Guest

    There is a great place to RENT snorkel gear that is about a block or so away from the pier called ABANKS Dive at Eden Rock. It's also a VERY good place to snorkel and it's FREE. We had our own snorkel gear but rented a locker for $4.00. Then we went directly to the patio at Paradise and had great drinks and food. This site has some good information:


    Guess everyone wants to swim with the stingrays at least once.... BUT, if you ONLY wish to snorkel or dive, ABANKS is very good and so EASY! Don't overlook this one! :)
  8. hkolln

    hkolln Guest

    Yes, GC is on EST...we took Nativeways stingray tour in March and you will absolutely have the best time! Very fun and alot less people on their boat then the ships tours.

    As for your ships time, your ship MAY change time zones and tell you to adjust your watch OR they may stay on the time zone of the port you left from.....therefore best bet is to call the cruiseline and ask them. We were on the Carnival Inspiration and left from Tampa (EST) and we stayed on EST the entire cruise even though we went to Costa Maya, Cozumel, and Belize which is CST.

    Have a great cruise!
  9. jwmcq

    jwmcq Guest

    Dear paljoeysmom: Are you sure it is 7:15 for me? If I am correct, GC is now the same as CST in the US since they do not observe daylight savings time. I am on the Conquest which sails out of New Orleans which is CST also. I think I need to be there at 8:15 on our ships time, but if you are EST, then you would be at 7:15. It is all so confusing, that is why I was asking. I think I will e-mail Sharon back and just confirm the time with her to be sure.

    I look forward to meeting you on the tour! We are besides ourselves with excitement. We are a group of eight, 4 adults, two 13 year old boys and 10 and 11 year old girls. If you have a very large group, then we may make up most of the tour.
  10. ready2go

    ready2go Guest

    We were just on the Conquest a few weeks ago and the boat actually changes times so that you are always on the same time for where you are going.
  11. hkolln

    hkolln Guest

    On our inspiration cruise in March they did NOT change time zones...we were advised to always stay on ships time which was EST (port of embarkation)....

    Not all of Carnival's ships switch time zones...in fact of the 3 we have been on (Sensation, Triumph and Inspiration) none switched when we went into another time zone. I guess it depends upon the ship you are on.
  12. Juan C

    Juan C Guest

    I also agree that you need to pay attention to your ships time. I have been on 4 cruises with different carriers (RCL, Carnival) and I was always on ships time. Which means that the ship did not change their time, they always had the same time of the starting port.

    Also, I can't seem to find Nativeway Tours on the internet. Does some one out there have an email.
  13. hkolln

    hkolln Guest

  14. jwmcq

    jwmcq Guest

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