Grand Princess March 12, 05



Our family is traveling on the Grand Princess on March 12, 05. Have three teenagers all in high school, looking for other teenagers traveling on the Grand.

Cruise cutie

=welcome Sherry to cruise @ddicts..It's "nice to meet you" should have plenty of kids on the is PRIME spring break time,an easy port to access to by car and plane and a 7 day cruise..makes for all the ideal factors to have kids galore.:grin.if you want to have the kids make friends even faster.:lol....they should go to the first "meet and mingle" teens group set up on the ship time and place found on the first posting on the "Princess Patter" the ships daily newspaper that is delivered to your room and will be waiting in your cabin on boarding.There will be a printed time in the "Patter" saying when and where the first group meet is..That's when 99% of the kids all meet and intros by staff help with the goings on available to the kids.Disco,basketball,games,Karaoke,etc......good luck with all your lot's of questions..general cruise ?'s often times get answered on the Community Message forum REAL fast..Princess specific ?'s will of course be helped here..My Husband and I =love Princess and hope you enjoy all the anticipation before your often and see you here on the board..:daisy...:) can also post your sailing if no one else has in the above "cruise addicts on board roll calls "listed above on the banner...:wave....Joanne