Grand Princess Room D734



We have tentatively booked D734 on the Dolphin Deck. The room is at the back of the ship portside? My wife and son will be with me. Any comments on the location, vis-a-vis, views, noise and movement (I tend to get seasick in rough seas. But I had no problems on the Golden Princess in the Mediterranean). Our other choices are the A410 area on Aloha.


Oh, lucky you! You got one of the aft BB cabins! WOOOHOOOOO!

While there is sometimes a bit more vibration in the aft on the Grand, it seemed to lessen as you moved up (obviously a mechanical vibration). As to more motion, I didn't feel any major difference aft vs. midship, though I did notice a bit more jarring in the bow.

Some people in the cabin below you on Emerald have reported a bit of noise from the Vista Lounge in the evenings (music) - oddly they noticed it more in their bathroom than in the cabin itself. No reports of noise issues that I've heard for this cabin on Dolphin.

Personally, I'd take the aft BBs over even the large balcony BBs on Caribe. But then again, my favorite view onboard is watching the wake tail out behind the ship. I think it's the most peaceful thing to watch while underway.