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Grand Princess

Discussion in 'Princess Cruises' started by Toby, Sep 6, 2002.

  1. Toby

    Toby Guest


    I have a couple of questions about things on the Grand. Can you bring Liquor on board? Also can you buy Liquor at the Duty Free in Fort Lauderdale and consume it on the ship. And is there a duty free shop on the ship that sells liquor for personal consumption on the ship.???


    Sailing on the Grand on October 13/02
  2. BurBunny

    BurBunny Guest

    Princess allows you to bring wine and champagne onboard. Anything else you'd need to pack and "smuggle" onboard in your checked luggage. While you can purchase duty-free alcohol onboard, it will not be delivered until the last day. You can, however, purchase retail bottles of alcohol onboard for in-cabin consumption.
  3. Toto

    Toto Guest

    Just make sure if you want to take something that is not allowed in your checked luggage that you use plenty of bubble wrap and put it securely in a zip tight bag to save on problems with any leakage. Good Luck!
  4. kitkat

    kitkat Guest

    It really seems to depend on which ship and who is working at the gangway. we took wine & champange in our carry on's, beer and rum in checked luggage with no problem. Saw several people carrying on rum, etc from the ports with no problem. Of course we were always boarding about 30min before sailing and they were trying to hurry up and get everyone on board so not really concerned except for security breaches.

    Princess now has several pkgs you can order ahead of time that were a pretty good value but the drink prices on board were reasonable.

  5. linon1968

    linon1968 Guest

    what is the benefit for the suite? I booked AD suite and with butler service.
  6. BurBunny

    BurBunny Guest

    Category AD mini-suites on the Grand no longer have butler service (Princess unfortunately hasn't updated their web site about this - it was eliminated about a year ago). The main advantage is the extra size and the full bath with tub. There aren't additional perks for mini-suites at this time.

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