"Grandeur of the Seas" accident...



News on accident involving the "Grandeur of the Seas"...........can't wait to hear all the people complaining and griping, as if it was done intentionally..........same thing as when the big wave hit the other day..........people, I know its your vacation, but S**T HAPPENS, and NO one asks for it! In this particular incident, they cruiseline, once again, has done everything they can to compensate for an accident.

Cruise ship hits pier in Mexico; passengers offered flights back to New Orleans
4/22/2005, 8:07 a.m. CT
The Associated Press

NEW ORLEANS (AP)  A cruise ship based in New Orleans hit a pier in Mexico while docking in the wind, cutting a 42-foot gash in the side of the "Grandeur of the Seas" and extending its stay in Costa Maya until it can be repaired.

Nobody was hurt, but the 2,030 passengers either had to fly back to New Orleans  at the expense of Royal Caribbean International Ltd.  or wait until the ship is repaired and return with the 740 crew members, a spokesman for the Miami company said Thursday.

A notice on the cruise line's Web site said Royal Caribbean expects the ship to be able to leave Mexico on Saturday evening, and to arrive at midday Monday in New Orleans.

"Repair work is already 25 percent completed and the ship will undergo a full safety inspection and approval prior to departing Costa Maya," the notice said.

The 916-foot-long ship had been scheduled to arrive back in New Orleans on Saturday and leave on a new cruise later that day.

Cruise line spokesman Michael Sheehan said the company was chartering Saturday and Sunday flights for passengers who cannot wait until Monday. Passengers who want to stay with the ship may do so. All passengers will get a $250 per-stateroom onboard credit, the company's notice said.

It said the seven-night cruise scheduled to leave Saturday will be cut to five nights, leaving at 6 p.m. Monday. Everyone booked is being notified; those who sail will get a $300-per-stateroom onboard credit, while those who cancel will get a full refund.

Sheehan said Royal Caribbean has been in touch with the 263 travel agents who had booked people on the cruise.

Royal Caribbean said the ship hit the pier about noon CST Wednesday as it tried to dock in 15-knot winds and a 3-knot current. The football-shaped puncture in the starboard bow is about 5 feet above the water line, and about 5 feet wide at its widest point.


Why did you post this message here rather than under Royal Carribean? just curious.


Viet630, stick around this board long enough. You'll see that there are some who will P&M about any cruise line that happens to have something beyond their control, happen to them. They'l want compensation given them for everything from rain, to earthquakes. It's really rather comical reading, when they really get cranked up.



Some ot these people who complain, always seem to dump on carnival like carnival is the cheapest, most troublesome cruiseline ever created. Many of these people say that they will NEVER cruise on carnival, BUT they come HERE to express their opinions. Sometimes they make a general insult of those who just love to cruise and just happen to cruise on carnival.

Some of the other cruise lines offer better compensation when bad things happen, BUT the people who cruise these other cruiselines never come here to admit that bad things do happen to their favorite cruise line.

And the funniest thing is that some of these same people complain even after they get excellent compensation from the other cruise lines. BUT THEY NEVER COME HERE TO COMPLAIN ABOUT the other cruise line!!


the conquest in June


Has anyone seen anything about the Grandeur on CNN? I have been trying to watch here and there, but have seen not one word mentioned on TV. The wave incident was on non-stop!!


NanniB, I was wondering the same thing. I haven't seen the Grandeur mentioned anywhere except on a couple cruise sites and even then there wasn't a big outpouring.

Sure seems odd that a ship with a hole approx. 5 ft X 42 ft will be ignored by the media when a few days ago they were all over the NCL Dawn like bark on a tree.

Wonder if there will be a few people claim injury and mental anguish when they get back home ?


If CNN gets involved in this story, I can see the leadin now, " Cruiseship is near sinking in Mexico, passengers and crew are frantic!".


Nanni-B, I read about it on CNNs website. I didn't see it on TV either, but read it in the local paper, then did a search on CNN, too. It was here: http://www.cnn.com/2005/TRAVEL/04/22/cruise.crash.ap/index.html
MikeNBec. No way my references to people P and Ming, and general complaining were directed to you. I've read a lot of your posts over the last several months and know you're not that type. I was simply warning Viet630 that sooner or later the bloodhounds would be out and about. Keep posting, it's people with good info that keeps this board alive.



BTW, I was not responding about you. And the only person who questioned you was Viet. You remind me of a jerk here in no who many people admired, but I think he was a self inflated, easily insulting windbag on sports radio.

Good luck wherever to disappear to.



Well, I think the wave was a bigger news story, personally. It was the first time (or one of the first times) a wave of that proportion has ever been recorded. Sailors of long ago reported something similar but they were thought to be myth until now. Also, people got hurt on the NCL cruise. Did any get hurt on this one? It's always a bigger story when someone gets hurt.