Grandeur of the Seas Cat B


Janet S.

Has anyone stayed in a Category B on the Grandeur. Was wondering if there were any suite perks (butler service, priority embarkation, etc.) that would make it worth the extra cost of a Category C. Thanks.

Boston's J

I have stayed in this suite on the Enchantment which is Grandeaur's sister ship. There wasn't butler service but the suite was gorgeous. It would be impossible for you to fill the closets, the bathroom has beautiful soaps and oils etc., complimentary robes. The suite can be divided by a very heavy drape to separate the bed room area from the living area. There is surround sound, a cd player, vcr. The balcony can be accessed from the bedroom area or living area. There is a large bar, not stocked, it is a beautiful suite. The loungers and chairs were covered with pads instead of the usual plastic and we found the cabin stewards to be top notch. If you haven't seen this suite you can look at 360degree photos at <> click on cruises, then 360 degree tours. This particular suite is not listed on Grandeau but if you look at the Explorer tour it is the exact suite that I stayed in on the Enchantment. Good luck deciding.


I've posted some pics on this board. No perks but what a great cabin since we booked a "D" and got bumped up.


We have also sailed in a category B on a one of the sister ships. OMG it is fantastic and we liked it better that the A's that we had friends staying in. The butler service was great and as Judy described, the cabin is comfortable enough to live in for months. Lots of space, and a great balcony. By far the nicest that we have had on any ship so far. Oh and a huge bathtub and double sinks. The bathroom was actually about as big as some of the outside cabins we have seen on some other ships.