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greece, dubrovnik, taormina

Discussion in 'Europe' started by ncara, May 10, 2004.

  1. ncara

    ncara Guest

    Will be taking the galaxy on August 2nd. What should we do in Rhodes, tour or walk the old town on our own? In Katakolan, is Olympia a must? Also, what beaches should we go to on Mykonos and santorini? Dubrovnik we plan to just walk around on our own. We like to have lunch out so we can sample the local cuisine. Any suggestions for all of these places? The ship says that there is limited taxi service into taormina. Are we going to have a problem getting there?
  2. gertrude

    gertrude Guest

    Went on cruise last yr to greek islands and you must take the trip to Taormina, as really beutiful and set on the sid eof the mountains with spectacular views ove rthe mED.
  3. ncara

    ncara Guest

    I have been to Taormina many times. My concern was getting a taxi from the port area into Taormina.
  4. Petert

    Petert Guest

    Hi ncara,

    We just returned from a Med cruise on the Millenium and were very impressed by the ports you are interested in. Every one seemed to be greatly impressed by Dubrovnik. We had a shuttle that ran from the dock side to the Pile gate of the old town. The old town is a walled city with no motorized vehicles, and is a beautiful very well maintained city. The city wall is about a mile around and there are tours that provide a walk around the top of the wall. Many nice outdoor spots to get excellent drinks and food. A market place and many interesting shops and buildings. Prices are reasonable and local craft items are well made and in a variety of types. This is a real high light of the cruise.

    In Santorini we took the tram up to the top of the cliff from the tender dock, and walked all through the village. Narrow streets with lots of steps and slopes. Many interesting shops and points of interest. We stopped for a cold beer and snacks at the top of the cliff with a view of the harbor and our ship anchored off shore. If you are so inclined you could walk up/or the 800 odd steps to the top, or take a mule ride up the same steps. Some very beautiful sights. We also tendered in to Mykonis, and spent the day walking around the harbor, and enjoying the sights.

  5. Ncara- Sorry to have to tell you but Celebrity have decided to replace the planned stopping point at Taormina because of the lack of number of tenders with a new port in Sicily called Messina which I don't know much about. Received notification about this from Celebrity a couple of days ago. Might see you on board as we are doing the same cruise. Best wishes-Tony Hunter.
  6. ShipMaven

    ShipMaven Guest

    Messina is within easy driving distance of Taormina (you'll dock in Messina), so it may simply be another route to get to Taormina.

    The center of Taormina is a pedestrian-only area - it's a fairly good incline from the bus-discharge area up to the pedestrian area, so anyone with mobility or respiratory issues need to be aware of that. As with many parts of Sicily, it is steeped in history and very worthwhile seeing.
  7. ncara

    ncara Guest

    Yes, we know about the change. Messina is about 40 minutes away from Taormina. There is an excursion that is just "taormina on your own", transportation to there. That is what we will do. Have been to Messina before for a short amount of time, but being a city in August, don't know if much will be open.

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