Just a few questions:
1 - Does anyone know if the port is now open since hurricane Ivan?
2 - How far is Grand Anse from the pier?
3 - Any beach suggestions?

Many thanks


Port of Grenada is closed and many of the Cruise lines are changing to other ports. Might want to contact your TA and check to see if yours has been changed.


We sail over Thanksgiving so too early to tell, but Grenada was the reason I selected this cruise. At least I will be on a great ship (Celebrity Constellation) if we don't call on that port.


Here's a note from Cruise Critic

Editor's Note, September 27, 2004: As a result of damage caused by Hurricane Ivan, Grenada is currently closed to cruise traffic and ships are revising itineraries. No official date for reopening of the island to cruise passengers is currently available. We'll post an update as soon as possible.

We are sorry to hear this. Grenada is (was) such a pretty port and the economic damage from lower cruise traffic will only add to their woes. Here's hoping the island recovers soon.


After a long arduous process (and many itinerary changes) we are finally all set with flights to go on our Windjammer Barefoot Cruise. We were supposed to sail out of Grenada to the Grenadines but the ship (Yankee Clipper) had to be moved to the island of St Vincent from Grenada due to the damage from Hurricane Ivan. Windjammer told us that it will remain in St Vincent as its home port at least through the end of December.

cruising rev

I just received this from the Grenada dept of tourism

Grenada's 2004 winter cruise ship season will begin on October 26, 2004 when the Norwegian Spirit docks with 3,100 passengers. The following day, October 27 will see a similar visit from Golden Princess.

The Government and people of Grenada are proud of the fact that after the devastation caused by Ivan on September 7, 2004, we can see the return of cruise ships that quickly.

With best wishes,

Sincerely yours,

Edwin Frank


I've just been notified by my travel agent that Celebrity is replacing Grenada on our 12/4/04 Constellation sailing with Dominica.



Actually Norweigan and Princess did not make it there. I was on the Windjammer Yankee Clipper 11/1 - 11/6 and we were the first ship to take passengers to Grenada. Grenadian radio announced that we were coming the day before. The roads are almost completely clear and the port is open. One large port building is gone and is now a parking lot thanks to Ivan. The damage is unbelievable. But the people are strong and in good spirits -- really happy to see us since tourism is key to their economy. Known as the Spice Island, Grenada is in dire straits. The nutmeg trees have been devastated. If they replant them now, they won't get a decent crop for 5 years and it will take 10 years to reach maximum production. Many hotels on Grand Anse beach were leveled, 90% of the buildings, homes were damaged throughout Grenada . The sports stadium complex was destroyed. Churches have lost their roofs. The Grand Etang Rain Forest looks like video of California forest fires only not black. It is really eerie to see Palm trees with no fans at the top. Most of the produce crops have been destroyed and the people have to get fruits and vegetables from nearby St Vincent which I am sure isn't cheap.

Please, if anyone visits Grenada, SPEND MONEY there. These people really need it.


Checked Princess' website today and one of their ships is "bound for Grenada" so things might be shaping up there. I certainly hope so as this is one of my favourite islands with wonderful people, great food, spices and art, and a great little kid named "Tony" who will take you on a walking tour for $3.00, which includes lunch at his mother's house and the best BBQ anywhere in the world!

If you do go there, please spend some money and help them get back on their feet after this devastating hurricane season.


Received an email from a contact in St. Vincents last week and she said the devastation isd enormous and its estimated that it will take about 5 years to completely recover. That being said she did say that MANY locals and surrounding islands as well as some cruiselines were pitching in in the restoration project. =shrug She also mentioned that the locals on Grenada really look forward to cruiseline visits as its a way of life for MANY of them and the island as a whole.