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I was wondering if anyone has had this experience before? We have a group of families traveling together on the Legend on 10/04/03. So far, 7 families of 4 have booked. My TA says that Carnival has closed out groups for this date/cruise, and we will not get our free passenger on the 8th cabin. We have alot of people still wanting to book, and thought we had much more time since it is so far away. What's the deal? Do they ever open up groups at a later date? I think this is really unfair since we were never told that this might occur.


This happens a lot with cruise bookings - there must be a lot of TA's who have booked group space on that cruise and the ship only has so many cabins set aside for group bookings........I'm sure a TA could explain this better than I but it is not that unusual of a situation to happen. Your TA should have reserved more cabins than you thought you might need for the group space - any cabins not sold by a certain date are then released back to the cruise line.


Lisa is correct. Your concern should be with your TA. Ask her how many cabins she held for your group. Maybe they were just doubles. Quads are limited. Suggest two adjacent rooms for new bookings if the Kids are old enough to be in separate rooms.
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Sometimes cruise lines end up chartering an entire ship or a good portion of it - this happened to one of my clients who had been booked on Paradise. I was contacted by Carnival who offered them a handsome deal to switch to a different ship, which of course, they did.

Perhaps there is an organization who has chartered out a good chunk of the group space for that particular sailing (Fall incentive cruises are very popular). Your TA should be able to find that out (sometimes working with the groups department can be a real stinker but if she is persistant, she should be able to at least find out 'why'.) Since you are well over a year away, you shouldn't be running into those sorts of limitations unless, like I said above, someone has chartered a good portion of the ship.

Possibly your TA can get someone there to make you 'an offer you can't refuse" on an alternate date - one week before or after.

Good luck!

kathy vicchiollo

my the way they no longer give a free cabin for 8 booked in a group. we just sailed sept 7 2 weeks before sailing we were in formed that we would only get $365 off! thats less than an inside cabin. we had 4 balconies and 4 inside. we all got great up grades but they are going on a point system now. its almost not worth book in groups. the same thing happen to my friends who sailed on Victory sept 15th! i'd call groups to see what they offer for your sailing. i did and was told i differers from ship to ship and sailing to sailing!


Carnival isnt a point system it is a level system.
The only way a person can get a person free is if carnival has a level 3 sailing. The TA picks what ammenities to have on that sailing. For every 8 peopl you have sailing you get the 9th free.(If you tell the agent that is what you want) The free ones is cruise only you still have to pay port and fees. The free space is also based on the category you have sold the most cabins on. If you sell more insides, you get a free person based on and isnsode price. If a sailing is really full and the groupd soes not have enough money on account to hold the cabins they will be released.
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If you dont book in a group you are less likely to get an upgrade. That is why Kathy got an updgrade. and if you book individually you are less liekley to have ammenities that people like to get. I always book a group even if I have 1 cabin being asked for. Prices are usuallyt better and there is a better chane of an upgrade.