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Discussion in 'Royal Caribbean International' started by saabgal, Jul 9, 2005.

  1. saabgal

    saabgal Guest

    I'd like to hear what success stories are out there for getting upgrades when booking a guaranteed inside cabin.

    We are only going for a 3 day cruise this time. I figured, not much time in the room anyway. I did ask RCI when I had talked to them yesterday if the ship had a lot of availability and the rep said yes.

    So we are hoping that our crown & anchor numbers will help us out!
  2. yuyi64

    yuyi64 Guest

    If you do get an "upgrade", it will probably be to an inside cabin on a higher deck. My opinion on upgrades is a little different than what you usually see on these boards when people brag about their "upgrades". I do not consider being kept in the the cabin type (inside to inside or oceanview to oceanview) to be an upgrade just because you're moved a couple of decks up the ship. I consider a real upgrade to be if you're moved from an inside to an oceanview, or from an oceanview to a balcony, a balcony to a suite, etc. These types of upgrades rarely happen, especially on RCCL, without having to pay an extra fee for the upgrade. Travel agents and cruiselines like to refer to moving people up one or two decks as an "upgrade" because it makes the client feel positive about the agency or cruiseline, and it sounds like you're getting something extra at no cost.
  3. randy

    randy Guest

    I've been on a fair number of cruises, and despite the C&A Platinum or Celebrity Select, or Latitudes or Princess Circle status, have yet to be upgraded. I think that the upgrade myth ranks right with the Holy Grail or Loch Ness Monster! The only "upgrades" I have ever seen are the automatic one-category upgrade you get when you book (and as noted, it's inside-to-inside, or outside-to-outside--not inside-to-Royal Suite). Have fun on your cruise and don't let the fact that your cabin is below the propeller shaft get to you! LOL!
  4. dolphin8497

    dolphin8497 Guest

    On my first cruise last year I booked a room number, not a guarrantee, on the oceanview level. I was lucky to be upgraded to a balcony room. I hear this is very rare and even my travel agent was very surprised by this upgrade especially since I did not book a guarrantee room. This was on Carnival Miracle.
  5. Frank Black

    Frank Black Guest

    I beg to differ. I have had four nice upgrades, but on other cruise lines. Once I booked the Ryndam inside guarantee and got an outside with a full view window. I booked the Mercury with an inside guarantee and got a window. I booked Sun Princess with a partial view and was upgraded to unobstructed. The best was the Star Princess two years ago. I booked an inside cabin ( pre-selected by me) . They gave me an aft cabin balcony cabin. But I am a long time cruiser on most of the cruise lines. I believe if they are going to offer an upgrade, they do it for long times clients. As an example, I have 10 on RCCL, 9 on Princess, 4 on Celebrity, and 4 on HAL.
  6. sailingrose

    sailingrose Guest

    Sorry but Crown and Anchor won't help out here. I'm Diamond, just short of Diamond plus and I haven't received an upgrade in years.

    RCI is very stingy with their upgrades but you might consider getting to the pier and seeing the pier coordinator. They will charge you a flat fee for an upgrade. Might be worth it to you might not.
  7. saabgal

    saabgal Guest

    Well thanks everybody, I guess we will wait and find out. Sounds like there is little chance of anything good coming out of this, but I have to wonder why the RCI rep and the travel agent felt differently.

    RCI said if the ship wasn't crowded and there was lots of room it was likely we'd get a better cabin. She even checked and said the ship was no where near full. Maybe this happens more for the short 3 day cruises, I can hope. If not, no big deal, even a window at night on the ocean isn't really that exciting. A balcony is a different story.

    I'll let you know how it all works out, we are sailing 8/19-22.

  8. Frank Black

    Frank Black Guest

    Here is one last solution if you get an inside cabin and there is lots of space available. Complain about your cabin to the hotel manager on the ship. But find a good reason. I was on a HAL ship several months ago. The disco was right under our partial view cabin. After hearing music the first two nights unbtil 2:30AM we rqaised a stink. They gave us a balcony. But you better have a good reason to request a move. Good reasons may include: excessive noise, poor air conditioner, toilet problems, ext.

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