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Hair braiding in Cozumel

Discussion in 'Caribbean Ports' started by fi0na, Aug 3, 2004.

  1. fi0na

    fi0na Guest

    I was originally going to get my hair done in Belize, but now that the itinerary has been switched, Cozumel is now our last port of call, so looks like I will get it done there. Has anyone had it done, or know of people getting it done there? Are they all generally good, or are some better than others? Where would I find them? On the beach? And what is the going rate do you think...


  2. rhen33

    rhen33 Guest

    Fiona. I have had friends that had this done and it did a number on thier hair.Major damage.IMHO
  3. Hair braiding is, indeed, damaging. I've had just a couple of braids put in during several Caribbean vacations and my hair looked as though I'd fried it when I took out the braids. I can't even imagine risking my entire head. If you do have it braided, don't leave it in for more than a couple of days; you'll regret it. Here's a tip to deal with the damage you'll experience after taking out the braids: once unbraided, use a conditioning treatment , not just a conditioner, and glop it on the damaged hair . Make sure you leave the goop on overnight. Buy a good salon product, don't skimp. My hair looked okay after the overnight treatment, but I lost way too many strands of hair during the unbraiding process. The damage I dealt with on my 4 braids is nothing compared to the people I know who've had their entire head done. Good luck.

    Conditioner is your friend.
  4. fi0na

    fi0na Guest

    hmmm... maybe this braiding idea is a bad one =huh

  5. misty

    misty Guest

    Hi Fiona ,
    I had my hair braided last year on Princess Cays it cost me 30.00 for my whole head . I loved it I kept it in for 8wks . ok my hair felt a little yukky after I took it out . It took me over 5 hrs to take the braids out and a cpl days of washing my hair to get it back to normal.
    My hair was fine no damage done . I am going on a cruise in 3 wks and I plan on having it done again. So don't worry . Oh and my hair is shoulder length all one length.

    anymore question I'll my happy to answer for you .

  6. jrsygrl

    jrsygrl Guest

    My teenage daughters get braids on every cruise. I have waist length hair so I only get a about 6 or 7 on the top to hang down the side of my face. We all love it and never have any problems. The worst and most expensive braids we have had done were in Nassau and the best were in Cozumel. We headed downtown and found a few ladies in an outside shopping area. Very nice and cheap!
  7. Godfredo

    Godfredo Guest

    i got my hair braided about 3 years ago in cozumel-it was like $2 a braid-can add up very quickly-that included beads too-kept it in maybe 2 days and had to take it out-it hurt sleeping on it and my scalp got really sunburnt-was not fun taking the braids out!
  8. Hedy1967

    Hedy1967 Guest

    I had mine done in Jamaica

    and was told to condition them EVERY night. In doing so, my hari was not damaged, but it was a pain to get them all out! I looked like Roasanna Rosanna Danna!! LOL
    Anyhow- do use a hat and sunscreen between rows-a sunbunred scalp is no fun!
  9. mindy

    mindy Guest

    I love getting my hair braided, all of it. I love not having to worry about styling my hair while on vacation! I also went into town and had it done for about $25 and I have hair down to the middle of my back. This was about 4 years ago in Coz, but it was also $25 last fall in Progresso. I did loose hair as I was taking it out, but I "shed" on a regular basis any way!:D Luckily I have lots of hair!
  10. Matj2000

    Matj2000 Guest

    Don't do it, it is so Red Neck, Touristy, and totally out of style. It might have looked good on Bo Derek but not many others. Plus your hair will look like a big rats nest when you take it out. Save the money and buy a T-shirt. Just some advice.
  11. pandabebe

    pandabebe Guest

    I had my hair braided in Cozumel and it was wonderful and cheap. I believe I only paid $10 to have my hair braded halfway (i.e only the top part of my hair was braided so it looked more like cornrolls). If you have an opportunity to do it why not?! If you don't like it you can always take it out.

    By the way, remember to put lots of sun screen b/w the braids...otherwise you'll get sun burn there. And deep condition after your braids are out. After one wash my hair was back to normal (and I had them in for 2 weeks).
  12. joeyancho

    joeyancho Guest

    If you are going to get braids in Cozumel, take your own comb. This will prevent head lice.
  13. Cruise cutie

    Cruise cutie Guest

    sorry to add as a nurse..JUST taking a comb will NOT prevent lice for the scalp..the operator as she drags her fingertips through your hair holding the comb can and will carry lice under her nail beds and nails..so if the nits are in her nails or in her skin..they get cross contaminted..only safety net is if she wears latex/nutrile gloves AND you bring a comb..have fun on your cruise whichever way you go on the braids..:daisy..Joanne

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