HAL Debuts New 14 day Alaskan Adventurer Cruises in 2010


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:dance: We're Booked!

OK. It's a done deal. June 14th. Cat DA. Cabin 2647 (starboard). Calgon, SunFlower and NewMoon.

See y'all AN BOORD!!!!!!!

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I am beginning to look seasick I am so green! What a wonderful itinerary...but what on earth would my little Yorkshire Terrorists (Yorkies) do if I were to leave them for that long???


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Just as an FYI, HAL received permission to cruise Glacier Bay on this itinerary so Tracy Arm Fjord has now been replaced by Glacier Bay.


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Oops - missed that, obviously!

Tracy Arm can be very scenic, but you never know if ice floes will prevent getting all the way in to or near Sawyer Glacier. Glacier Bay, of course, has lots more to offer as you well know.


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Especially earlier in the Alaska cruise season, the ice floes can be too thick for a ship to navigate safely - they'll need to turn around.
Calgon is trying to hide from me, but he did not succeed (obviously)!

I see the last time I posted we were booked on the virgin cruise. They had perfect weather. Had to cancel that one, regroup, and we are now booked on the August 9th sailing. 64 days from today!

BTW, we cruised Tracy Arm last June, (2009), and could not get close to the glacier because there was just too much ice in the water.



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Hi Vada. Nice to see you on this board. C@ is where Calgon and I live most of the time.

It seems that HAL has changed the time in Victoria, but hasn't posted it on their site yet. The time has changed from 2pm - 8pm to 4pm to 11pm. We have a whale watching excursion booked at 3:30pm, so we'll be looking into alternate plans.

How long does it take for HAL to update their itineraries?

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It can take HAL anywhere from 2 days to 2 weeks to a month before they change the information on their site.

One time we didn't even know of an itinerary change until we got to the cruise terminal.