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Half Moon Cay watersports fee?

Discussion in 'Holland America Line' started by Lady Jag(Bobbie), Aug 4, 2002.

  1. I was just looking through my brochure and was wondering if there is a fee for the kayaks, bikes, and other water paraphenelia on Half Moon Cay. Does anyone know?

    Also, what is the food like? Does the food area get crowded? Does the beach?
  2. jeanoh

    jeanoh Guest

    Yes there is a fee for the water sports at HMC....not sure what it is, the beach doesn`t get too crowded as long as there isn`t another ship visiting. Twice last year we had other ships in....the Westerdam on one cruise and a Carnival on another...we didn`t get off the ships on those occasions. The food area doesn`t get crowded......jean
  3. Twomcks

    Twomcks Guest

    We were on a Hal cruise last November so I dug out my papers. They have a really large area where they have a barbecue. Loads of food and loads of tables to sit at.
    The beach was fairly crowded but we walked down the far end and it wasn't too bad. The water was great. We really enjoyed it.
    Here are some of the prices from last year. I don't know if they changed but it will give you and idea.
    banana boat ride (approx. 7min.)$19.00 child $9.00
    Hoble catamaran sailboat (1-4 persons) $50 per hour
    Sunfish sailboat (1-2 persons per boat) $40 per hour
    Aqua cycle (2 person cycle) $30 per hour
    Windsurfer sailboard (1 person) $40 per hour
    Kayak rental (1 person) $25 per hour (2 persons) $50 per hour
    Snorkel gear rental (mask, fins, snorkel, vest, basic intro to snorkeling $16; child $10
    View boards $15
    They also had tours
    Parasailing 1 hr $59
    Advanced snorkel by boat 1-1/2 hours $44
    Certified scuba dive 1-1/2 hours $69
    Flats fishing 2-3/4 hours $99
    Deep sea fishing 2 hours $109
    Glass bottom boat 45 min $29 child $19
    Tropical kayak adventure 1-1/2 hours $39
    Nature walk 1-1/4 hour $14 no shade
    Hope this helps. E-mail if you have any other questions.
  4. sail7seas

    sail7seas Guest

    jeanoh....wondering which HAL ship were you on when a Carnival ship was also there?
  5. MarieA

    MarieA Guest

    If you've ever wanted to parasail, this is the place to do it!! You take off and land on a speed boat so there's none of that running through the sand to take off or diveboming into the sand when you land. They hook you up on a platform at the back of the boat the boat starts going faster and . . . you're gliding. Then when you're done, they just reel you in and back onto the platform. We also rented the float mats - what a great way to spend the day!!
  6. Oh, what a great idea! Parasailing is something we've always wanted to do. We'll have to give it a try! Thanks so much for the information everyone!! The bay looks so enticing; I'm just dying to go there! :)
  7. sail7seas

    sail7seas Guest

    We LOVE the barbeque at HMC. Their ribs taste so good sitting at picnic tables in that beautiful setting in wet bathing suits....well, it's just the best IMO And, their brownies are a weakness of mine! I never allow myself sweets like that at home but at Half Moon Cay....leave all caution in the wind!

    ....and we get to there TWICE on our upcoming Maasdam cruises. The ship is scheduled to stop there both cruises! I can hardly wait!

    (They also have grilled burgers, cheeseburgers, veggie burgers, chicken (I think...not sure); and hot dogs along with the ribs. Then there's cole slaw, potato salad, tossed salad lettuce and tomatoes etc... baked beans and potato chips. Probably some other goodies I can't think of now.

    Lemonade, iced tea and iced water or you can purchase sodas from any of the bars dispersed around the area and homemade cookies and those wonderful brownies.


    If HMC isn't paradise; it's good enough for me!
  8. OMG! Drooling here.....can I go just for the food? I can see the headlines now, "Woman Overeats at Barbecue and Explodes", "Lifeboat Sinks: Woman eats too many brownies at the barbecue" "Half Moon Cay Disaster - Woman holding crew passengers hostage for more brownies".... :grin That would be ME!
  9. jeanoh

    jeanoh Guest

    Sail7seas, can`t remember which Carnival ship it was, but we were on the Zaandam, Carnival is now using HMC as "their" private island!!!.....jeanoh
  10. Mariposa

    Mariposa Guest

    Bobbie, one word of caution here. It seems that Half Moon Cay is one port stop that is often cancelled due to high seas, so it might be iffy once in a while. I wouldn't save a 'must do' activity for this port only, especially if it is your last port stop. You may not get to enjoy it at all if your island stop is indeed cancelled. Another note here, the tender ride to the island can be really fun. Please wear your water shoes, and not just flip flops because if the waves do get a bit high they will slosh over into the open doorways into the tenders and the deck might not be as stable then.
  11. Thanks for the warning, Mariposa. Thanks to Sail7seas too, who also told me about the possibility of not being able to go to the island.

    Sounds like our experience with St. Maarten's tenders before the pier was built - lots of big waves, smashing against the ship, water coming in the tender on everyone and big dips on the way to shore. In other words, FUN!! :thumb

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