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Halloween on HAL

Discussion in 'Holland America Line' started by red stripe, May 2, 2004.

  1. red stripe

    red stripe Guest

    does HAL do any type of celebrations or parties of the Halloween sailings? not that I actually have a costume :grin But if it was a big deal them I know I could come up with something :lol

    red stripe
  2. ljeanbrown

    ljeanbrown Guest

    Hey Red, you could always go as a Cruise Addict :lol
  3. seashell

    seashell Guest

    I think this is an interesting question and have wondered the same thing myself.
  4. red stripe

    red stripe Guest

    hahahahaha thanks Lauri.. I had not thought of that one :grin
  5. hey-kate

    hey-kate Guest

    Great question because we board on Halloween! Not sure I want to fly across country in a costume though....lol....

  6. sail7seas

    sail7seas Guest

    We have been aboard HAL ships twice on Halloween. Little (close to nothing) was made of Halloween and that seemed to suit the vast majority of the pax.

    As I remember it, they had a costume party after dinner late night in the Crowsnest . Seeing as DH and I often go to the crowsnest for a late evening drink, we were present (not in costume) and not very many folks came in any sort of costumes.

    Maybe on Zuiderdam???? The ship that supposedly is reported to be marketed to families??
  7. red stripe

    red stripe Guest

    Thanks, some of the group sailing this year had asked me, and I did not remember seeing any type of costume or theme party.. other than the "Holland Night" .

    Great! as my idea of a costume is to iron out my wrinkles.. on my face.. not my clothes :grin

    red stripe
  8. sail7seas

    sail7seas Guest

    "Holland Night" is actually Dutch Night and is often the same evening as the deck barbeque.

    The dining room serves a wonderful menu of Dutch selections and there are several items we look forward to enjoying.

    At everyone's place setting, when you arrive at your table, there will be either a gentlemen's dutch cap or a lady's dutch hat. Great fun. Your choice whether to wear it or not.

    These are the same white caps that the stewards used to paint with gorgeous designs to present to guests. I seem to recall we recently had a thread about those wonderful works of art.
  9. red stripe

    red stripe Guest

    thanks sails.. I could not remember the correct name of it for the life of me :grin but was a bit distracted at the time with this hacker thingee..
    Yes, that is the only "Theme" night I could recall.
  10. red stripe

    red stripe Guest

    PS.. :grin

    I know that it has been a few years since I sailed with them.. but.. I had three certificates, and some kind of platinum medal thingee to wear around my neck (not that I ever did:)
    do they still give out those certificates? not the medals.. as I hated that, and much preferred the lapel pins.
  11. sail7seas

    sail7seas Guest

    Yes.;...they still give out medals.

    IF you have a platinum medal, that would indicate you have sailed HAL 750 days. That is alot of days and more than us.....alot for you considering you have not sailed HAL for some number of years.

    They also still give lapel pins.
  12. red stripe

    red stripe Guest

    thanks.. back then we used to do them as close as 3 months apart.
    At one time my mother would fly to Canada and stay 6 weeks.. go home for 6 weeks, and then fly down to visit me for 6 weeks.. she would see those old HAL commercials and say.. "lets book a cruise" :lol sometimes there was only a couple of weeks between her saying this and us getting on a ship.

    But it did not take my sis and I too long to pack :lol
  13. sail7seas

    sail7seas Guest

    So...you have spent more than two years aboard HAL ships and have not been on one in quite some time? Good for you. How great you did not have to work......or could get so much time off....so often.

    Which color ribbon is your Platinum medal on?

    Post Edited (05-04-04 16:21)
  14. red stripe

    red stripe Guest

    it is the dark orange and dark blue.

    My sisters though is a lighter orange and blue, as we were not always able to go on the same cruises. Just most of the time, thank goodness.

    So does the difference in ribbon shade signify anything? all three have the miles on the medalion.??

    I was not working, so that was easy. You do not work either do you?

    it was nice to be able to go on a moments notice.

    edited to say.. do not forget my age :grin.. it is too easy when talking on these boards to think that everyone is younger than you... But I have been around a long.. long.. long time :lol

    Post Edited (05-04-04 17:57)
  15. sail7seas

    sail7seas Guest

    No..I do not work outside my home now but I assuredly did in the past.
  16. Judi

    Judi Guest


    Given the fact I've been sailing with Holland America since 1975, I remember the "old" medallions on the blue and orange ribbons!

    Michael and I both have the new copper medallions and lapel pins. :thumb

    By the way, back in the 70's, costume parties were often held onboard, regardless of the time of year. My favorite costume was a two-person one where both were dressed as toilets and eah had a sign around their necks...one said, "Early Seating" and the other was.....you guessed it...."Late Seating!" =lolgang =lolgang =lolgang
  17. sail7seas

    sail7seas Guest

    We also have the bi-color ribbons and much prefer them to our current plain, blah, boring navy ones they give these days.

    The blue/orange ribbons had far more style IMO
  18. JOHN(NJ)

    JOHN(NJ) Guest

    Red and Sail,
    Since I will be on Maasdam for Halloween, could I borrow all of your medals and go as the number 1 HAL cruiser of all time? I could tell them I was born onboard and never left.
  19. sail7seas

    sail7seas Guest

    Amazing Red spent so much time aboard at that stage of her life.....Most are busier then and not quite able to do that. Kids, Husbands, Jobs, Bills :) ........

    We cruise about every three months ......and we have ONLY spent over a year of our lives aboard in the fabulous "S"....except for this last treat when we enjoyed the "PS".....

    John.....anytime you want "some heavy metal".....just sing out. Those darn things (the new style) weigh a ton and are very unsuitable to be presented to woman IMO.
    They look ugly and are very uncomfortable to hang around a lady's neck. BRING back the old style. No ONE I KNOW CAN STAND THESE NEWER ONES.
  20. JOHN(NJ)

    JOHN(NJ) Guest

    Did the new ones appear after the Carnivalization?

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