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Halloween on HAL




Yes, they did, but only longgggggg after Carnival assumed HAL, so I don't believe they had anything to do with it. Since you only got a certificate until you reached a certain number of cruises, there was no way to identify who had sailed with HAL and who had not, I suspect they decided the lapel pin was the way to go!

In addition, the number of cruises wasn't exactly "fair" to everyone in that a 7 day cruise had the same weight as a 21 day cruise until you reached 10 cruises.

And for the record, I think red stripe was blessed to be able to cruise that often with her Mum and Sister. I wish I'd been able to spend the time that way with my Mother!!!


Without Question.

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My mother just turned 80 and she is going on her first cruise in 2 weeks. Wish I could be there, but hopefully she will get addicted and plan another one sometime.

red stripe

John.. sure you can.. and I will get my sister and mum to send theirs.. Mother would be thrilled to part with it.. she used to call them.. "Gongs" and refused to wear them.. she said that she was afraid someone would think she had won it at pool games :grin

sails.. I am over 60.. I have plenty of time to sail :grin.. and as for the money.. a great deal of those cruises was paid for by our mother.. She said that we were building memories..

Thanks Judi, sis and I did feel very blessed.


You have a very wise Mum :thumb I think it is wonderful you and your sister and Mum had the chance to spend time together cruising. I wish I could talk my Mom into going on at least one cruise, she just likes to stay close to home. She loves to look at our photo's when we get back from our cruises though :lol



Unfortunately, my Mother is gone. However, there was no way I would ever get her on a cruise ship. She used to turn green when we went over a bridge!!!!

On one of my first cruises, a Friend of mine drove "Edith" and Colleen up to see us off. She could barely stand to be on the ship! :lol