halloween partys onboard


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my wife and i are heading out on the ruby oct/25/09 and are wondering if anyone can tell us do princess cruise ships have halloween partys and do they have a place you could rent a costume on board or do we have to bring one with us? We would also like to hear from anybody that has done the vow renewal package and if so how was it! thanks allan


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While more and more ships are offering more and more venues these days, a costume store is not something currently on any ship. However, in a couple years, I fully expect ships to grow to the point that this may become a feature.

As far as having a ship sponsored Halloween Party, probably not. The Cruise Director and his/her staff will probably be in costume that evening. But I doubt that tere will be any trick-or-treating allowed. Don't let that stop you. There are plenty of costume shops on the internet and you can purchase just about anything you can imagine. Get you own costume and take it with you. Make your own party. The cruise lines will let you do just about anything you wish, as long as you don't hurt yourself, anyone else or damage the ship.

When we sail with Costa, we routinely take our own togas for Baccanal Night.

I say, ...... GO FOR IT!

(and take pictures......)


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Im on the cruise (I hope- more about that later this week)-- We have BRIGHT orange pumpkin shirts for day wear- DH has a neon green shirt that says this IS my halloween costume he will wear at nite..not sure what else we are packing for costumes.


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haha great ill be on the lookout for you!! ill try to think of something that doesnt take up too much room in our bags...ill post as soon as i figure something out and maybe we can all meet up my wife and i are celebrating our 25 wedding on this trip so ill need something good for the photo albums!!

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Seems there are 4 couples from C@ on this cruise. Oscar and I will also just have T-Shirts for halloween. I too am looking forward to seeing costumes. :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana:


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I know for sure that HAL does and seeing as Princess ties into themes heavily I would suspect that U will find a Bar venue offering this and MOST likely it will be SkyWalkers. :banana: Then again come to think of it there are NOT MANY nights anytime at SkyWalkers where U can NOT find some strange scenes. :egyptian:
We were on the Crown last year for Halloween. It seemed everyone was dressed up for the night in a costume. Fabulous party. No where that we noticed to buy costumes onboard. I am sure that there will be lots going on aboard the Ruby that night for Halloween.