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Handicap inside rooms on NCL Dawn

Discussion in 'Norwegian Cruise Lines' started by banker25, Apr 21, 2008.

  1. banker25

    banker25 Guest

    Does anyone know what the handicap inside rooms are like on the Norwegian Dawn?
  2. Don Clark

    Don Clark Guest

    They are much larger than regular inside cabins. Room enough for a wheelchair to maneuver around the beds.
    The shower in the bathroom has a seat s you don't hae to stand to shower, and there's no lip at the bottom either.
    Therefore water will spread out on the bathroom floor. Nice for the handicap, not as nice for non handicap passengers.

    If you want to book one, I highly suggest doing so early. NCL will sell these cabins to fully able passengers as final payment date approaches, and there is a limited number of them aboard NCL ships.
  3. uppitycats

    uppitycats Guest

    I use a wheelchair and booked a cruise that will occur in October on the NCL Jewel. NCL asked for a letter from my doctor confirming that I am handicapped and need the handicap accessible cabin before they would allow me to confirm my reservation.
  4. clamman3

    clamman3 Guest

    my wife and i had one on the jewel.. very spacious and comfortable. had no problems and the bed was awesome.

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