Happy 14th Wedding Anniversary, JillB & Rick


Forever Remembered

Happy Anniversary, dear Friends. May you enjoy many, many more - and perhaps we can raise a toast together in 2011!


Mary Ann


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Toasting your Anniversary(with a great Aussie wine of course) and wishing you many more years of happiness and good health together!

Jill B

The roaming Aussie
Thank you Mary Ann. :) We would love to raise a toast together in 2011. Planning, planning..............................

Thanks Liz, Beryl and Jim for your good wishes. :)

We are going to a local cafe for dinner tonight, hopefully my brother and his DW will join us. And I hope it is airconditioned as it is very hot here today.

Cruise cutie

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Happy 14tH Wedding Anniversary Sweet Jill B and Rick..May it be your Best one with wishes from Mark and I for many more AND cruises too...

:D we enjoyed every moment of cruising with you two..and hope to repeat that again sometime.also...safe travels in your Winny...hugs..Joanne