Happy 54th Anniversary Maw & Paw!!


Thanks Daw for starting off our anniversary for us and to all our addictggs friends who have posted good wishes. Have been planning the two cruises we hve booked in next 12 months hope to see a lot of you on board. Red, E will never forget our day in St. Martins Paw has the map framed now and looking for best place to hang it. Billy 2's girlfriend made a bannana creme sugarless pie which he brought to us. It was very good. Billy 3 dropped by for a visit and to hear abt the cruise. Made it a good anniversary. Thanks all.

red stripe

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Maw, as I am working with the cruise photos, I smile at all the good times we had together.

Perhaps one day we can all be together ON your anniversary.

That would make a cruise complete.


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Soory I am late chiming in,Happy Anniversary Maw and Paw! Also happy belated to Liz and Alf!!!!! So many years for both of U,must be all that love U all share!


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Happy Anniversary Maw and Paw! I REALLY wish you were here with us, because that balcony dinner that's on the way would be a fantastic way to celebrate. There's plenty of room out there, so hurry up and get here!!!!!!!


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Happy! Happy Anniversary! Congratulations and Here's a toast to many more!