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Happy 54th Anniversary Maw & Paw!!

Discussion in 'Community Message Board' started by DAW, Mar 17, 2010.

  1. gram

    gram Well-Known Member


    Happy Anniversary Maw & Paw. May you have many, many more years together.
  2. debowah

    debowah Well-Known Member

    An Irish Blessing

    (A Blessing from St. Patrick)

    May the road rise to meet you,
    May the wind be always at your back,
    May the sun shine warm upon your face,
    May the rains fall soft upon your fields,
    And, until we meet again,
    May God hold you in the palm of His hand.

    Many joys and blessing to you both on this special anniversary day.

  3. GloBug

    GloBug Senior Flea Coller Tester

    54 years together? That's awesome. That means you were married 25 years before I was born!

    You guys were great fun to share our dining table with on the Duck Cruise. I will never forget Paw telling the ship photographer (who kept bugging us) that he wanted her to get him a coke! I WANT A COKE! She never came back. It makes me laugh now.

    May you have many more laughs in the next 54 years!
  4. conniecat

    conniecat Well-Known Member

  5. bob

    bob Chief Engineer Staff Member

  6. PassthePeas

    PassthePeas Well-Known Member

    Wishing you the happiest of days filled with memories of many happy years together!! HAPPY ANNIVERSARY Maw and Paw!
  7. Judi

    Judi Well-Known Member

    Better late than never.....

    Happy Anniversary to one of the nicest couples Mal and I have ever had the pleasure of knowing!!!!

    :clap: :clap:
  8. Whimsy

    Whimsy Well-Known Member

    Happy Anniversary Maw and Paw! May you be blessed with many more happy years together.
  9. John F

    John F Well-Known Member

    Maw & Paw, we hope you guys have a truly wonderful wedding anniversary!! Many congatulations on your 54 years of being a delightful couple!! John & Priscilla
  10. herb

    herb First Original Member

    All the best to both of you on your wedding anniversary...

    JoAnn & Herb
  11. J.E. M.

    J.E. M. Well-Known Member

    Happy Anniversary wishes to a wounderful couple.

    Jim & Claire
  12. Snowblower

    Snowblower Well-Known Member

    Happy 54th Anniversary Maw and Paw!!! Hope you two had a wonderful day!!!! We hope you have many, many more and happy sailing. Hope to meet up with you again someday...take care and have a good one from all of us in Truckee.
  13. audrey

    audrey Well-Known Member

    Happy anniversary and many many more to a wonderful couple
  14. NiteStar

    NiteStar Well-Known Member

    OK......I'm a little late with my anniversary wishes here, but that doesn't mean they aren't heartfelt! I want to wish you the happiest of days and hope that you have many more years of happiness together!
  15. MichiganParrothead

    MichiganParrothead Well-Known Member

    All the best to two very special people! :doubleup: Hopefully we'll get together on board again soon! MPH & Kari
  16. CruiseAholic

    CruiseAholic Well-Known Member

    Been a long time since I posted and the site thinks I've never been here before ! LOL

    What a momentous occasion, Happy Anniversary to you both and happy sailing many more years.
  17. Charles

    Charles Captain Weather

    I hope you have many more happy anniversaries!

  18. connie seabee

    connie seabee Well-Known Member Community Sponsor

    Maw and Paw, Lyn and I want to wish you a Happy Anniversary, may you be blessed with many more.
  19. maw

    maw Wordsmith

    Thank you all for the good wishes. It was really quite a trip reading the greetings from you all as I read it was amazing how many of your faces poped up and I remembered some good times we have on cruises together. Was especailly happy to see greetings from some of you who haven't posted for a long time. Nice to have you back. Come and join us on Maw's ramble from time to time.Thanks Thanks Thanks
  20. Rubysky

    Rubysky Well-Known Member

    Happy 54th!


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