Happy Almost-Belated Birthday, Jeanie!!


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Oh my sweet friend....It would have been really naughty of us to miss this! Thanks to Mary Ann we have a reminder. May all your birthday wishes come true!



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:biggrin:Glad I got to post Happy Birthday to you at 8AM on FB!!..Hope it was a fabulous day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
with wishes for many more and cruises too!!..:doubleup:....Hugs Joanne and Mark....


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Oh, Jeanie, I am so sorry I missed your birthday. :bawl: (how do you all meet up on FB anyway??? :shrug: ) Hope it was a great one and today is the lst day of a year filled with lots of special memories, and maybe a house sale too! :thumbup: ENJOY those cruise countdowns. :egyptian::doubleup:
HAPPY BIRTHDAY and a day! :cheer:


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Happy~Happy Birthday to You,

Happy~Happy Birthday to You,

Happy~Happy Birthday Dearest Jeanie,

Happy~Happy Birthday to You!!!!!!!!!!!

I hope you had a wonderful Birthday!!! :sunny:


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Sorry I missed the actual day, but the sentiment is real.....

May this be the start of your best year ever!!!!:sunny: