Happy Belated 45th Anniversary, Connie Seabee


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45 Years.....? That's twice as long as both of mine put together! :biggrin:

Congratulations and Happy Anniversary :eek:k:

connie seabee

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Thanks you so much everyone for the nice wishes.

We indeed had a very nice day yesterday. It was also our Grandson's 14th birthday, so in the afternoon we celebrated his speical day, and last night we went out to dinner with my sis and her husband.


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WOW.... 45 years... now that's impressive. Especially in an age where nothing is meant to last forever...

I remember my grandparents were married 53yrs before my grandmother passed away.. It's sad that more people do not have the fortitude to work together to make it work for much longer than a decade...

you guys are awesome!!! congratulations, and look forward to hearing about your 60th ....