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Happy Birthday Cruise Cutie!!!!


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:dance: :dance: Happy Birthday Joanne!!!! :dance: :dance:

Hope you have a wonderful day today!!!!!

The entire Truckee gang sends their best wishes!!!

And remember….the secret of staying young is to live honestly, eat slowly, and lie about your age :D


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HAPPY BIRTHDAY, my Paesana friend. And Pucci says...

OOPS, well I guess we can't offer you any birthday cake! But how about this instead - SALUTE! CIN CIN!

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Another year closer to 29 Cutes. :evil: Hope U celebrate your Special Day in a VERY Special Way as I know Cruise Hubby most likely has some Special Plans on the agenda. :boogie:


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:banana:Happy, Happy Birthday to you!!

:banana:Happy, Happy Birthday to you!!

:banana:Happy, Happy Birthday dear Joanne!!

:banana:Happy, Happy Birthday to you!!


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Enjoy your birthday.....hope you don't have to do too much zooming today!



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HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOANNE! Hoping it is the first day of a year filled with lots of special memories and looking forward to relaxing days on either a cruise ship :spyglass:eek:r on the beach in Aruba! :clap:I will raise a glass of Zif and Fresca to you tonight! :banana::banana:


Happy Birthday to one of my special girls!!! Just wish I waS THERE TO GIVE YOU A ((BIG HUG))

Wishing you many more happy years of crusiing. Thanks to you for being you!!!!