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Happy birthday einstein


If you take me serious, it's your problem
I'm not so sure it's a good idea to poke the bear about getting older... Ahh what the hell, Happy birthday Ein.


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Thanx Gang for the kind words and wishes. It was a quiet celebration but indeed enjoyable. The issue with being a year older was solved by my darlin as she mentioned in reality I was only a day older. :duh: It also mens I am a year closer to being retired with MORE time to cruise which is also GOOD. :banana:

Guess I did get my wish as we booked another cruise yesterday so now we our 4 Stacked which for an @ddict is GOOD. :clap: Princess was calling our names and they sent me a nice B-Day card so the least I could do is reciprocate. Well ttfn and Thanx again for the nice wishes. :cool:


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Sorry I missed your birthday but glad it was nice. Booking a cruise for your birthday sounds like a great present. 4 stacked is wonderful!


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Not sure which day it was with this floating system but will wish you many good days ahead. One should never just take one day to celebrate!