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Happy Birthday Nieciez - Denise Zlater

Discussion in 'Community Message Board' started by Donna - dsw, Aug 17, 2013.

  1. The Cruiser

    The Cruiser Well-Known Member

    Happy Birthday Denise.
  2. JacquieP

    JacquieP Well-Known Member

    Hope you had a wonderful birthday!
  3. Funnel

    Funnel Sweden Unleased - Special Contributor

    Happy Birthday Denise!
    I hope you are having a great day!

  4. audrey

    audrey Well-Known Member

    Hope you had a great birthday
  5. nieciez

    nieciez Well-Known Member Community Sponsor

    Aww, thanks everyone for the birthday wishes....it was a GREAT one! Here is a pic of me and my BFF Linda blowing out the candle on our birthday cake....Linda is 4 days older than me.

  6. Einstein

    Einstein Well-Known Member

    Happy Belated B-Day Denise. :boogie: Looks like U had a nice celebartion and plenty of cake to go around. :clap: Here's to MANY MANY More!!! :cheer:
  7. Jamman

    Jamman Carnival Specialist Community Sponsor

    Happy Belated Birthday Denise!!! :clap::cheer::clap:

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